Friday, October 29, 2010

The Excitement begins

The 2011 Cebu Marathon was just formally announced. January 9, 2011 is the date. Runners from all over the Philippines will flock the Cebu streets to witness the beauty of Cebu and our much awaited marathon. 
The 2010 Cebu City Marathon summoned almost 4,900 runners in the best race the Philippines has to offer. Given perfect reviews by celebrity runners Jaymie Pizarro (The Bullrunner), Jinoe Gavan (, Jovie Narcise  (Bald Runner) and Haide Acuna (The Marathonfoodie) the Cebu City marathon was a big success. The secret to its achievement is simple. The Cebu City Marathon is a race for runners organized and supervised by runners. Members of the Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) manned every water station from KM 0 until the last turning point. Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and other executives (all marathoners) made sure the race exceeded every runners expectations. 
 “This year will be bigger and better” promised Jesse Taborada the president of CERC since its early years. 

Souvenir Shirts. New Balance Shirts are given away to the first 4,500 registrants of the Cebu Marathon. As of October 28, 2010, a total of more than 2,790 runners have already registered thus leaving only 1,710 shirts up or grabs. New Balance will also offer a special 20% discount to all registrants wanting to buy new shoes in selected stores by presenting their Cebu marathon claim stub. 
Registration. Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot and other related shops will accept registration in selected key cities around the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Davao). The official website of the Cebu Marathon will be live soon and will accept online registration.

Out of town guests. Selected Hotels all over the metro and in Mactan will be offering special rates to participants. Since the marathon will launch the start of the Sinulog week, guests can stay longer and witness the sinulog festivities. 
Pacers. Yes. We will have pacers next year. We will have runners leading a group to finish at a predetermined time. Popularized here in Cebu by TEAM REBORN, pace group leaders will finish at sub-5:00, sub-5:30 and if possible sub-4:45. Recruitment is underway for these noble runners willing to extend their help to the less experienced.

Timing Chip. The next Cebu Marathon will have timing chips for all race distances. Yes, ALL. Runners in the 5K, 21K and 42K will all receive timing chips and will have their finish times recorded. 
 (From the Net) 
Route and the SRP tunnel. Negotiations are underway which will include the SRP tunnel in the route. It will pose as a challenge to runners as the route is almost a kilometer long and will be a different running environment. The route will still include the South Road Properties (SRP) coastal road and some parts of Cebu City. Starting venue will still be at IT Park. Organizers hope that all cebuanos support the event and help cheer runners during the race. We encourage everybody to participate during race day and wake up early. Like the Sinulog festival, spectators can hang around along the race route and greet all runners with an authentic Sinulog welcome. 
Medals. Like this year's race, the Finishers medal will still be given only to the 42K finishers. Sorry. The design? Wait and see. 
The next Cebu Marathon will also have running clinics scheduled this November and December to help participants prepare for the race. The Marathon Expo will be held on January 5-7, 2011 in Ayala Active Zone where all the race packets will be distributed. A carbo-loading party will be held on January 7, 2011 and will be free for the first 300 registrants. Restaurants in Ayala Center Cebu will be serving pasta at the venue at a reasonable price.

“All systems are go” said Meyrick Jacalan for the next Cebu Marathon. Runners have less than 11 weeks to prepare for the big race.

See you on the Road.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aubrey and Me

 (Danao City Tri)
(Danao City Tri)

(Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines)

(Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines)

(Naga City Sprint Triathlon)

(Naga City Sprint Triathlon)

(Naga City Sprint Triathlon)


Frame: Vellum Uno (L)
Seat: Fizik Arione
Handlebars: Vision Carbon Integrated Aerobars
Shifters: Vision Aero Levers
Brakes: Ciamillo Zero G
Cranks: FSA Carbon Cranks
Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon
Wheelset 1: American Classic 420 Aero
Tires 1: Vredestein Fortezza TriComp
Cassete 1: Shimano Dura-Ace
Wheelset 2: Fulcrum Racing 7
Tires 2: Kenda Kaliente
Cassete 2: Shimano Ultegra


The Cebu City Marathon is now only 11 weeks away. Unlike last year, many registered early to secure them of the CCM 2011 Souvenir Shirt which is given only to the first 4,500 participants. As the race draw near, Cebuanos and other runners gain more and more mileage to prepare for the best marathon in the Philippines.

Last Friday I spoke in front of fellow UNGO Runners and advised them on proper training for the CCM 2011. Most importantly, training must be specific for the full marathon. Long easy runs and, because many will finish more that 5 hours, heat training are vital to individual training. A golden rule of 10 percent per week increase in mileage is the key to safe and injury free running. When aiming for a 6 hour finish for the CCM 2011, you must be ready to face the hot Cebu sun. Instead of running at 3AM during LSD runs, try to start your training session at 6am and be accustomed to the heat. Done at least once a month and 3 weeks before the race, Heat training can help you finish the CCM even after 10AM. Race nutrition also needs to be tested before race day. Never try something new on race day. Shoes, Clothes or Power gels need to be worn or used during training to get accustomed to its feel or effect. Always practice race nutrition use or strategy during your long runs. 

Due to recent tragedies related to running, I am tasked to remind everybody of the possible danger signs related to the sport. Chest pain during a run is never normal. Especially when coupled with difficulty in breathing even when you are walking or at rest, Chest pain or tightness may be due to cardiac problems. Dizziness, nausea, vertigo, fainting and vomiting may be caused by hypoglycemia, dehydration, exhaustion or heat stroke when running in extreme heat. Also, Feeling cold or having goose bumps during a run should not be taken lightly. When exercising, heat is generated causing the sensation of warmth. Lack of blood perfusion or low blood pressure due to cardiac causes may manifest as feeling cold during exercise. 

(Photo by Yon Layosa)

Any of these symptoms could lead to more serious problems when not addressed at the soonest time. When experiencing any of these symptoms during a run, Slow down or walk, rest (But not sit down immediately), drink lots of water or rehydrate, eat or refuel, pour water over your body to cool your core temperature and observe. If symptoms persist, STOP running and get yourself to a hospital or ask for help. 

NO RUN is worth risking your life. There will always be another run. Runs end. Running Don't.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urine Anyone?

Running Hydration explained. Humorously.

(from Pearl Izumi Website)

Drink your Water. Hydrate.


Congratulations to CHAMPION Columbia Trailmasters Joseph Miller and Lorhiz Echavez!!!

Congratulations to Category winner Rochelle Tan!!!
Smiles at the treacherous race course. Chrissie Wellington in the making.

We are proud of you!!! 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Official PACE GROUP Leaders of Cebu

Last weekend was memorable for me and the rest of TEAM REBORN. We proved to many Cebuanos that the team is strong in both running and triathlon.

(Team Reborn)

Starting Friday, the team attended a 3 day Triathlon Clinic by Coach Mat O’ Halloran and Team Reborn Coach Noy Jopson. We did an easy ride to Catmon and completed a few technical swims to prepare for race day.

(Team Reborn with Mat during Tri Clinic)

Team Reborn then conquered the 1st Naga Sprint Triathlon as members won in almost all categories. Coaches Mat O’ Halloran and Noy Jopson won 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the Male Open Sprint Category while Tyrone and daughter, Rochelle, both placed 1st in the Male and Female Super Sprint Category. Team Reborn Swim Coach Lorhiz Echavez placed 1st in the Female Sprint Category while Jane-Jane Ong placed 3rd. I and Joseph Miller placed 2nd and 3rd place in the Seniors 30 Category while Tenggoy Colmenares finished first in the Masters 40 Category. Merly Colmenares also placed 3rd in the Super Sprint category. The Team celebrated victory at Tyrone’s residence and prepared for next day’s race.

(Team Reborn pacer group leaders with Balloons)

It is not the first time that Team Reborn lead a pace group during one of Cebu’s big races. During the recent 34th Milo Marathon Cebu Eliminations the team lead pace group sub-2:00 hours and sub-2:30. We lead Cebuanos to the finish line and to a new personal record (PR). RUNCheck sponsored “Run to the Max 3: Conquer the Hill” also had pace group leaders. The Team, sponsored by Holiday Gym and RUNCheck, was asked by organizer and Team Mate Annie Neric to lead pace groups. We lead several pace groups as Annie wanted participants to have several options for a PR. Coaches Noy Jopson and Lorhiz Echavez lead the Sub 1:30 pace while I ran a sub 1:40 pace. Tenggoy and Jung lead the sub 1:50 and the sub 2:00 pace group respectively. Runners only have to keep up or stay ahead of the pace leaders to be assured of a new PR. After winning the Naga Triathlon race, Mat also placed 5th in the Open category during the run while other team mates Merly, Amale, Nica, Jane-Jane and Lorhiz also placed in the respective categories. Male team mates also amused participants as they showcased their skills not only in triathlon but also in dancing as well. (See Video)

(Team Reborn Dance number)
(Mat 5th place win)
 (Amale and Lorhiz win)
 (Jane-Jane and Merly win)
(Nica win)
Pace group leaders are runners who run at a pre-determined speed to finish at a target finish time. They do not aim for a PR but instead lead other runners get their PR. They are experienced runners who carry banners or balloons to tell participants where they are in the course. Runners can stay behind the pace group leader or run ahead. When falling back from the group, pace groups also have sweepers to help or motivate runners to keep up the pace. Cebu is lucky to have volunteers to lead pace groups. Members of Team Reborn are now the official pace group leaders for RUNCheck races and other runs in Cebu.

 (Lorhiz - Sub 1:30 Pace Group Leader)
  (Noy - Sub 1:30 Pace Group Leader)
(Reel and Tyrone - Sub 1:40 Pace Group Leader)
  (Tenggoy - Sub 1:50 Pace Group Leader)
  (Jung - Sub 2:00 Pace Group Leader)

 Will the next Cebu City Marathon have Pacers? 

CHI Running WorkShop

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Endurance Sports Weekend

This weekend is exciting for multisports enthusiasts. We will be pushing our limits with a triathlon workshop and two endurance races.

Cebu’s first Triathlon Clinic organized by top triathlete Noy Jopson will take place at Holiday Gym and spa. Online Coach and Pro Triathlete Mat O’Halloran was invited by Noy to do the workshop with him. The workshop will start on Friday with a bike ride to Catmon, Cebu. Swim sessions, Bike fitting, bike skills, run drills and skills as well as a proper multi-sport training program will all be tackled during the 3 day affair. 

The workshop will also encourage the athletes to join the 1st Naga Sprint triathlon which is scheduled on Saturday. The event is made more newbie-friendly by allowing athletes to use life vests, pull bouys and kickboards. It will also feature a relay/ tandem category as well as a super sprint distance for the less experienced athletes. The bike legs is also newbie-friendly by allowing mountainbikes, in addition to conventional road and triathlon bikes, to compete. Registration is at Abellana Sports Complex and will continue until race day. Individual swimmers, cyclists and runners who are not in any team may try their luck at the race venue and form a team prior to gun start.

The last day of the workshop will include the 3rd edition of the Holiday Gym and Spa event “Run to the Max: Conquer the Hill.” The race will pose as a challenge to 16K participants as they run to one of Cebu’s steepest hill to grab a flag. Some flags will have a prize at the finish line. RUNCheck Race Director Annie Neric also boasts of a guest celebrity running one of the distances in addition to Pro-triathlete Mat O’Halloran. Holiday Gym and Spa sponsored athletes of Team Reborn will also pace runners in the 16K race to a sub-1:30 and a sub-1:45 finish. They will also present an intermission number during the awarding ceremony. Registration ends today for the 4K and 8K distances while the 16K registration has ended. Participants are advised to redeem their race packets today as organizers will no longer be distributing them on race day to avoid chaos. Parking for the race will be at Crossroads since HGS parking will be closed on race day.

If you love endurance sports, this weekend is for you. See you on the road.



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