Thursday, September 23, 2010

Defying Limits

I am not a good swimmer.
I am not a strong cyclist.
I am an average runner. 

I defied my limits when I finished the 
and ranked 111 out of 496 finishers.

Determination. Discipline. Patience.
Go Beyond your Limits.

Runners with a heart

Running for a Charity. Cebuanos run to provide shoes for school children. We run to provide financial support for an ill friend. We run to raise funds for lesser priviledged individuals. We run for others.
The Fresh Air Fund is asking for our help. In the upcoming New York City Marathon, FAF is asking runners from all over the world, including the Philippines, to help run for charity. Its beneficiaries include America's children from disadvantaged communities and provide them with a better summer experience. They provide these children educational as well as summer programs that we should be doing to our local street children. Click here to sign up.

I am not running the NYC Marathon. Maybe you are. Run to qualify for Boston. Run to break your PR. Run to help raise funds for the less priviledged. Become a HERO.
This Sunday, heart specialists celebrate World Heart Day. In order to raise funds for charity cases in the Cebu Heart Institute, Phil. Heart Association - Cebu Chapter will hold its annual fun run. Due to public demand, race director Dr. Michael Tabaloc extended registration at RUNNR to Saturday and reduced the registration fee to P150 due to depletion of singlets. The reduced registration fee will include a race number and an older World Heart Day 2009 Fun Run singlet. Register now!!!
Good Luck to all Cebuanos running the CamSur Marathon this Sunday!!! Run like the wind and beat the Heat. God speed. 

See you on the road.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Since 1992, I was a gym rat. My good friend, Ben Labao, convinced me that the only way for both of us to lose weight is to enroll in a fitness gym. We would go to the gym after class and follow a strict diet and fitness program. Both of us lost weight. We then maintained our physique up to present by keeping an active lifestyle.

I was first introduced into running by Dr. A. Junia who is responsible for many Cebuano running "Ungos". He may not admit it but he convinced a lot of Cebuano Doctors to engage in a more healthy and active lifestyle thru running.
 (Me and Dr. Alex Junia)
Before joining races, my runs were only part of my warm-up before lifting weights. I ran in the treadmill around 5-15 minutes then stretched. Early 2008, Dr. Junia then convinced me to join the "Run for your Heart" Fun Run and volunteered to be my pacer.  I agreed but begged him to register me in the 5K Category. Being the race director meant he had complete access to the list of participants and changed my category to 10K. I could never forget his "STRONG" words of encouragement "If I can do it with this body, so can you" during the run. This influential doctor also coined the term "TMTS Syndrome" and described it as runners who increase mileage more that the 10% rule and are more prone to injury.
This year, Philippine Heart Association Cebu Chapter again celebrates World Heart Day and organized the yearly fun run. Despite having many conflicts in schedule of races, World Heart Day Fun Run will be well attended as many runners have enjoyed the previous races. This is also a time where doctors of different specialties meet and get to see other colleagues run. This year, Dr. Junia will not join the fun run (he will be running his 7th Marathon in CamSur) and appointed Dr. Michael Tabaloc as race director. Dr. Tabaloc, also convinced to run by Dr.Junia, is also a heart subspecialist.
 (World Heart Day Fun Run 2009)
This is a good race. This is a fun race. Join the World Heart Day Fun Run. Registration is at PSH, 3rd Floor Cebu Heart Institute Building, PHA Office and look for Em-Em.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Food for the Eyes

Do you like running?
Do you like beautiful women?

Yes??? This is for you!!!

Register now at RUNNR Ayala, Nike- BTC and PSC Abellana. See you this Sunday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Finisher's Medal

The Finisher’s Medal is one of the most effective means of relieving pain among athletes. Euphoria felt after receiving the medal when crossing the finish line is due to the sudden rise of endorphins in our blood stream causing our bodies to forget or mask pain. Muscle sore, cramps, tightness and fatigue quickly fades when we don the medal.
(Speedo NAGT 3rd Place Medal - 30-34 Age Group)
Only in marathons and triathlons that the last finisher receives the same cheer as the first. Spectators applaud as participants cross the finish line and complete the race. They envy as participants receive their finisher’s medal.
(5th CDU University Run Medal - 1st Place Doctors' Category)
The medal symbolizes achievement. It tells other people that you have endured something that is not easily accomplished. I trained hard with Team Reborn for the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines and gained 3 medals. During my taper period, I ran the 5th CDU University Run and won in the 10K Doctors’ Category. Then I completed triathlon training by finishing the 2010 Cobra 70.3 Ironman Philippines and ranked 111 out of 497 individual participants. 2 weeks after the Ironman, I lead the “Run for the Medal” pace group for the 34th Milo 21K Cebu Eliminations and finished on time. Three medals in four weeks.
(Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines Finisher's Medal)
As an active member of the Cebu Executive Runners Club, I am not eligible to run the Cebu City Marathon. Members have assigned tasks and will become marshals during the best marathon in the Philippines. Because of this, the CCM finisher's medal remains one of my most sought after medal.
(Cebu City Marathon 2010 Finisher's Medal)
Train Hard. See you on the Road.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Worldwide Panda Embassador

Jo Lardizabal Ignacio. Not many people share her passion for nature. She is one of few Filipinos who help save Mother Earth everyday thru WWF . She is also a TV personality, model, boxing and yoga instructor. You may remember her as the strong and sexy boxer in the Creamsilk TV ad.
This time, Jo needs our support by voting for her at to become a Worldwide Panda Ambassador. The winners will be sent to China to help with Panda conservation. Each ip address can vote 10x until TODAY.

Please help Jo. Vote for the only Filipina. Please help save the Panda.

Friday, September 10, 2010

34th MILO Cebu Eliminations: A Nice day to PACE

After the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in CamSur, Team Reborn is now on recovery. Tight and heavy muscles need to heal while almost overused joints need to take a break. It was the perfect time for an early easy long run along the streets of Cebu and help other people achieve their PR goals. Team Reborn will run the MILO Cebu Eliminations half-marathon.
(Ungo Runners at the Starting Line)
The Finisher's Medal. The MILO half-marathon gave medals to all runners who can complete the course in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. Many UNGO runners and friends wanted it. I wanted to help and announced that TEAM REBORN will lead a "RUN for the MEDAL" pace group and assist all Cebuanos in getting their prized medals. Grand UNGO, Max Limpag, then added that we use balloons to help identify the pace group. It was a great plan.
 (Team Reborn leading the "Run for the Medal" Pace Group)
Heat training. Finisher's complained of the heat especially during the later part of the race. It was a good idea that the course had 3 water sprinkler stations to cool off every runner's body. Water and banana was also abundant.
UNGO Runners. The best running community in Cebu. Not all of us ran but all of us participated. A few helped fellow Ungo runners by providing water/ aid stations in selected parts of the route. Ms. Joy Polloso of Ayala Center Cebu and Jojo Osorio gave cold water and fruits in literally the hottest part of the route. Ungo Runners number ONE Cheerleader Ms. Bikik Besavilla with company served ice cold 100 plus and water along the busy streets of Colon. While Ungo Marathoner Dan, who reserved his legs for the CamSur Marathon, gave gatorade and fruits near the CIT turning point as well as provided support to struggling runners along the route. And when it got too hot to run, RH Runners (Ungo Sub-group) provided fellow Ungo Nora with an umbrella to make the heat bearable. Ungo runners are known for good documentation in every run. We never run out of roads and pictures. Photo support was provided by Ungo love teams Tito and Irene as well as Axl and Ritchell.
TEAM REBORN. Tenggoy and I lead the sub-2:30 pace group while team mate Jung of Metrografix helped fellow Reborn member and sexiest runner, Merly Colmenares make her PR. Coach Lorhiz also lead pace group sub-2 hours. We were all successful. The "Run for the Medal" pace group finished 2 hours 23 minutes while Merly completed the run in 2 hours 17 minutes. Coach Noy Jopson also made a mark as he finished 8th place in the 21K Category. Mate Annie also helped runners by keeping the finish line safe and organized. She and fellow Ungo Kenneth Casquejo (Both RUNCheck Race Directors) volunteered their services to stay at the Venue for added support to the MILO Race organizers.
Everybody was happy after the race. Ungo runners got their medals while Team Reborn was treated by Coach Noy to a hearty breakfast at Don Mertos. I hope to see this kind of support and enjoyment from the UNGO runners and Team Reborn during the 2011 Cebu City Marathon. Back to training guys!!!


Photos courtesy of Ceburunning Facebook page, Jo, Sydney, Tito and Irene, Dan, Axl and Ritchell, Bikik, Joy and other contributors. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TMTS Syndrome

Just got into running? 
What is your weekly mileage?
Do you have:
1. Foot / Ankle pain?
2. Knee Pain?
3. Hip pain?
4. Side Stitches?
You could be suffering from TMTS Syndrome (TOO MUCH TOO SOON Syndrome). This is a funny term I often hear from friends who are asked by new runners when they feel pain during or after a run.  It may seem benign but it is not. I have heard it many times and the worst case I know of is hip fracture after running 21K after 3 months of running. The early 30's runner underwent hip surgery and had to stop running. Started running 5K then 10K in a month then trained and ran two 21K races after 2 months training.  The newbie runner experienced hip pain after the run and later diagnosed to have hip fracture.
If you want to maintain a healthy, pain-free and injury-free active lifestlye just follow the simple "10 Percent Rule". Increase Mileage or Intensity of your runs by 10% every week. No shortcuts. Slowly increase mileage and intensity of runs to give ample time for your muscles, joints and ligaments to adapt to the stresses running poses to the body. 
(Photo by Yon Layosa)
Easy Right? See you on the Road!!!



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