Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(Aubrey All wrapped up)
 (A typical Triathlete's room Pre-Race)
 (Tenggoy tired after Swim course)
(Shocked after riding on the left side of the road)
 (Bus to Suntec City Ironman Singapore Race Expo)
 (With other Pinoys. Greggy and Jong of Team TriMinda with Alfeo)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DAY 1 (ARRIVAL) - Our Tour of Singapore

Our Hosts Zernie and Ping-Ping of Terra Plana Singapore)
(How do we commute? BUS!!!)
(And we start our walk thru Singapore)
(Our GRO, Madel- Hahahahahaha)
(Please protect us Lord and have a safe race)
(Our Destination)
(Bike Riding: FINE-P35,000. Gianluca will cry when he sees this)
(Our mental preparation for race day)
(New age Tri running shoes with Mercury Flames)
(Ungo Runners in Singapore - Floating Soccer Field)
(Walking thru the streets of Singapore in our Dopies)

(Our last Carbo-loading Dinner with Uncle Dodong and Aunty Lilian. Cebuanos who came to watch us race the Ironman)
(Singapore's most expensive GRO, Madel. hahahaha. Our Payment - Installment)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ironman 70.3 Singapore Race Pics

(at the Race Expo with Team Tri Minda)
(Confused with the swim course)
(5th Wave start)
(Washing Machine swimming)
(5th Wave start Agitation)
(Done with 1st loop))

(out of transition)
(Nice bike pic)
(at the shaded run course)
(Happy with 1st run loop - smiling at Pinoy friends)
(Had time to wave at friends. My Vivo Barefoot Evo made the run easier for me)
(Good form)
(Could have done better if I was not lost in the swim course. Fastest transition time thanks to my Evo Shoes)

(Photos courtesy of Friends and fellow Pinoys in Singapore. Thank you!!!)



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