Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ironman 2011 Kona Video

Video Clips From the 2011 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

3-time Ironman World Champion

4-time Ironman World Champion

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I need to control my Diet

I have been exercising less and eating more these past few weeks. Whenever I visit my friend’s house to spend time with his kids or hangout, we commit eating “sin”. Ice cream, salted chips, coffee, chocolates and the world famous, Heart-attack proven “Humba” of Ate Marit. It is therefore not surprising that I gained weight. This has always been my problem.

Moderation is the key. Eat moderately. Drink moderately. Exercise moderately. Party moderately. Work moderately.

Not for me. When I drink with friends on occasion, I get drunk. When I eat, I glut. When I exercise, I do it more than I should. When I have work to finish, I do not sleep until its done. When I sleep, I siesta the entire day. Moderation, for me, is like eating broken glass.

Here is something I read from one of our Medicine references:

Title: Controlling Portions

1. Eating more than a lot of fruits and vegetables is still eating in excess. Excess foods = Excess Calories.
2. Practice makes perfect. Whatever you want to eat, put it your plate. Eat whatever is half of what you placed is your plate.
3. Eating half of twice the food you want to eat is cheating.
4. Practice comparing portions. Three ounces of meat looks like a deck of cards.
5. Know your food. Carbs, fats or protein. Pasta is a carb and so is Bread. Don’t eat them together.
6. Restaurants should include “Calories per serving” in their Menu.
7. Soda and Orange juice are not the same. Juice will contain vitamins while soda is simply water + sugar. Coke Zero? Go figure.
8. Healthy foods should be cheap while junk foods should be expensive. Double the Ice Cream Tax. (#*^$*%$&^$ !!!)
9. Divide your plate. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables. Eat half of the Veggie and fruits and half of the other things you placed in your plate.
10. Read Food Labels. Know the calories per serving and Servings per container of each food you buy.

Good Luck!!! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you miss your Oakley Sunglasses?

Like most of my relatives and many of my friends, I wear prescription eyeglasses. My eyesight started to deteriorate in College with all the sleepless nights studying and partying.

I wore my prescription glasses only when I am in class during my teen years. When driving in daytime, I wore my favorite Oakley Eyejacket Sunglasses. Yes, it was not as clear as wearing my eyeglasses but they kept my eyes cooler and more comfortable. Then I bought another pair of Oakley sunglasses. The red Iridium lens and blue “spiderman” colored frame, Oakley Minute. I love my Oakleys. Like many oakley fans in the world, I just feel more comfortable wearing them compared to other brands.

Then my deteriorating vision got worse. I was almost legally blind when I studied medschool and could no longer wear my Oakley sunglasses. I could not even recognize faces about 2 meters in front of me without my prescription glasses.

Since then, I have always worn my prescription glasses everywhere. Because of my passion for Oakleys, I currently use the Square wire or Choptop everyday and still need to fit my Why 4.0 frame with updated prescription lenses.

When I started running, I used to wear my eyeglasses when I run and find them very uncomfortable. Not only do they fog and feel heavy during the long runs but they also can’t keep the dust out of my eyes. I tried looking for Oakley authentic prescription sunglasses but they are just too expensive and have a wait period of about 4-6 weeks. I had to resort to buying unbranded sunglasses with prescription clip-ons. How I wished Oakley had prescription Clip-ons to the Jawbone, Split Jacket or the Radar.

Then a friend offered to help me with my Oakley problems. I bought the Oakley split jacket and had them fitted with custom prescription lenses. They are more expensive than the usual lenses we buy in local optical shops but are not as expensive as the ones from Oakley. They cost more because the lenses have to be shaped to accommodate the bent Oakley frame. After getting the lens right, it was now ready for tinting.

After a week of wait, my Oakley woes are over. I now have my first Oakley prescription sunglasses. They look great! You would not even notice that the lens are prescription. Because the Oakley Jawbone and Split Jacket have switchlock technology (easy lens change), I also ordered another pair of untinted prescription lenses for afternoon or night training.

Next project? Photochromic transitional lenses for my Oakley Why. 

For interested individuals, please call or text (0922)8266865 for inquiries about the prescription lenses. Thank you. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ironman Craig Alexander

He is only ONE of four male triathletes who won the Ironman Kona World Championship more than 2 times.  He is also the ONLY male triathlete who won BOTH the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and Ironman Kona World Championship. And the ONLY one who did it in the SAME YEAR!!! 

He is the best Triathlete in the World. He is a very strong Runner and, just recently, proved to be a strong cyclist as well. He made history when he broke the fifteen year old course record in Kona this year at the Ironman World Championships. He finished the swim in 51:56, the bike 4:24:05 and ran a marathon in 2:44:03. His time was 12 seconds faster than Luc Van Lierde's 1996 record time and completed the course in  8:03:56. 

I watched the race live which started midnight and waited for Crowie (Craig Alexander's Nick) to finish. I knew it was going to be a good race with Macca not starting and only Andreas Raelert for competition. The race was exciting from start to finish with all the Pro triathletes within seconds of each other in the swim and managed to go through the bike course in one big 30 cyclist group. Craig started his run less than 5 minutes behind Chris Lieto (a very strong cyclist) and managed to steal the lead in less than 5 miles. That was inevitable. Based on previous Ironman Kona races, not even a 10 minute lead on the bike can stop Craig Alexander from taking the lead from Lieto. What made the run exciting was Andy Raelert only a few minutes behind Crowie and gaining. Andy is a strong runner and was running a mind blowing pace of 4m:20s/Km off the bike. Andy gained on Crowie but succumb to cramps only a few miles before the finish line. He settled for 2nd place. Again. 

Craig Alexander is a super athlete. He is THE IRONMAN. 

During his 1st win in Kona

With his new bike, Specialized SHIV

Historical Win in Kona 2011

Our very own, Team Reborn Coach Noy Jopson, also joined the race and finished first among all Filipino triathletes. He finished the course in 10 hours 32 minutes. Congratulations Coach!!!



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