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I am a runner. I started running after Dr. Alex Junia challenged me to run 10K with him. I will never forget his words of encouragement, "If I can do it with this body, So can you." He is a happy runner who inspires people by telling him his stories of finishing at least 5 full marathons with an overweight physique. I accepted his challenge and finished the 10K with him. I never thought finishing a 10K run would make me feel elated.
 (STC Run)
I thought it was just for running. But then I experienced the same emotions after I finished my first triathlon event.

 (With runner Awi Saavedra at the Transition Area)
I was blessed. I met friends who inspired me to follow my dream. Since college, I have always been fascinated by triathletes competing in the Ironman. It was a feat not easily accomplished. Anybody can run a distance but not everybody can swim then bike and run in one event. It entails discipline, determination and patience. Training  for one sport is hard enough let alone three.
(With Arland, Lhoriz, Noy and RUNNR Staff)
Everything fell into place as if God wants me to fulfill my dream. I met Filipino Elite Ironman Champion Noy Jopson and another Filipino Elite Arland Macasieb in one of the local running races in Cebu. We talked about a different race which Noy was directing and eventually talked about the triathlon. I then disclosed to Noy about my dream. They then convinced me that if I do not drown when I swim in the pool then I can more likely finish a triathlon if I train for it. Eureka!!! I will become a triathlete.
(Start of Swim during the SPEEDO event with Tyrone, Noy, Oli, Joseph and Redg)
But where do I start? I asked Arland for advise and told me to get a swim coach as swimming is the most technical part of triathlon. And so I did. Noy Jopson taught me how to swim efficiently and gave me swimming drills. Improve my form was the goal and slowly build endurance. I also got swimming tips from the swim instructor at Holiday Gym, James. When he is not busy teaching beginners to swim, he tells me what I need to work on during the swim phase of the triathlon. Although I have been swimming since childhood, I owe my swimming endurance to Noy and James.  
(Lunch with the crew at Tavern)
(Bike Transition with Aubrey)
Noy not only teaches me swimming skills but also gives me cycling lessons. He tells me to maximize my leg muscles and distribute the work to all major leg muscle groups. Spinning is key to triathlon cycling as this saves you enough leg power for the running phase.
(Awarding Ceremony)
(With Endurance man Brother Carlo Bacalla)
(With Awi, Noy and Redg at the Finishline)

After 6 weeks training, I joined the SPEEDO National Age group Sprint Triathlon in Plantation Bay. I was so excited and anxious that I slept only 3 hours the night prior to the race. We assembled at 6AM and prepared all our gear. After 2 hours and 11 mins, I crossed the finish line. I was ecstatic. I finished 3rd among all the other participants in my age group and landed me a podium finish. I remember Noy's cousin Redg telling me the day before the race "Just finish the race. A podium finish is just a bonus. Just finish the race". And so I did. I had help. Lots of help. From coaches Noy and James. From triathlete friends and family Redg, Oli, Eric, Amale, Gette, Cookie and Andrea. From Rafa, Pia and Mikele who are so adorable. From Jo who inspires me to train. And to God who provides all the opportunities for me to fulfill my dream. 
(My 3rd Place 30-34 Age Group Medal)
(With Jo at Transition Area)
This coming August 22, I and many Cebuanos are going to participate in this year's Cobra Ironman 70.3 event in Camarines Sur. Good Luck to us all. Defend your title Noy!
(Noy Jopson, 1st Filipino Elite Philippine Ironman 70.3 Champion)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Kind of Races Coming Up!!!

Foot races every weekend. It has been like this for the past few months and some active people are starting to get bored. Good thing races and events are evolving.
Marathon. A running race 42.195 Km long. This weekend, Ayala Center Cebu will hold a different kind of marathon. Defined as a specific event that lasts long or is difficult to accomplish, ACC will hold a HIP HOP Marathon. Co-organized by Holiday Gym and Spa, Runners and dancers alike will flock Ayala Center Active Zone to challenge their skills in the art of Dancing. Try It!!! Everybody is invited.
 A week after the Dance Marathon another foot race is scheduled. But not just any race. A chance to run with newbie runners, children and adults is its theme. Directed by Ironman Champion Noy Jopson and Running Coach Rio DelaCruz, the Looney Tunes Race is a unique race indeed. With distances to accommodate children from 500 to 10,000 meters, the Looney Tunes' Race will be a memorable race for the young and the young at heart. It maybe also be your only chance to see Bugs Bunny running alongside other Cebuano runners.

As races become more child/ kid friendly, a race organized for the benefit of Children's Hour will be held in July. Appropriately called Run for Kids, Ayala Business Club of Cebu, Inc. wants to help children in need by organizing a fun run to their benefit. Many runners do not have purpose when they run. They just love running. The Run for Kids is the perfect opportunity for us to run for a good cause.  

Aside from just running, local swimmers and cyclists are also starting to enjoy the weekly races. Triathlon races are now held at least every month in Cebu. Organizers like SugbuTriathlon and Mr. Boying Rodriguez are starting to revive the triathlon community here in the Queen City of the South.
Lastly, Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) already announced the race of all races in Cebu and the Philippines. The Cebu City Marathon is now scheduled. To be held on January 9, 2011, this race will open the year and the Sinulog 2011 celebration. Promised to have everything this year had and more, the CCM will truly be an event to prepare for. Considered the "Gold Standard" of all marathons in the Philippines, the CCM 2011 will have online registrations to accommodate non-Cebu and International runners. Carbo-loading party and Running Clinics will still be held and the route will encompass the new SRP tunnel. The Cebu City Marathon 2011 will be bigger and more grand than this year. That's a promise.

See you on the Road.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favorite Running Quote

My favorite running Quote is by Clarence DeMar.


What is your favorite running quote? Comment and Share.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Organizing a quality foot race is not an easy task. Responsible organizers must be sensitive to the needs of every participant and must be open to comments and suggestions for them to be able to deliver a good race.
(Cebu Executive Runners Club)
The 2010 Cebu City Marathon (CCM) was one of the best races in Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. It was praised by many runners and was even labeled as a "Gold Standard" for all races in the Philippines. Runners from all parts of the country as well as abroad came to Cebu City to run and witness the beauty of our City. They all said it was the best and most memorable race they've experienced. Organized by the Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC), the Cebu City Marathon was a result of the each member's passion to run and carry out a good race.

Runners do not always make good organizers. This is not the case with RUNCHECK. "To organize a quality race with guaranteed fun" is their goal. Composed of Kenneth Casquejo and Annie Neric, both CERC members, RUNCHECK has been successful in achieving this goal. With the success of their flagship run held last April 11, 2010, RUNCHECK made it clear during the Pinay in Action (PIA) Run that they mean business.
(Annie, Sen. Pia and Kenneth during the PIA Run Presscon)
They started out as friends from the same running club and ran marathons together. They trained with other CERC members and helped organize the Cebu City Marathon.  It was from that experience that Annie thought of organizing quality races in Cebu together with Kenneth. With full support from their spouses, RUNCHECK was formed.
Clean and abundant water served from marshals wearing gloves, motorists warned by  visible road signs and festive race venues are some of the good qualities every RUNCHECK race boasts. With RUNCHECK races scheduled every month or more, rest assured Cebu Races will be better and more enjoyable.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Run Uphill and Downhill

Races starting at Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu frequently take the route passing thru JY Square Mall to Jones Avenue and Back. That's one of the toughest route to run in Cebu since the course is uphill at the first and 3rd quarter of the race. Also, races in Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City usually include either the Marcelo-Fernan Bridge or the Newly opened Cansaga Bay Bridge and is also an uphill-downhill course.

Running elevations is not the same as running in flat courses. Energy expenditure is higher since our thigh muscles have to consume more energy while running uphill and it has to prevent us from falling when running downhill. Our legs tire earlier compared to our training runs in Abellance Sports Complex. This is not always the case.

ChiRunning figured ways to ease our run with elevations. Aimed to minimize energy expenditure, prevent injury and improve your running form, ChiRunning helped me improve my runs. I learned its techniques during the ChiRunning Clinic held at Waterfront Lahug  last March and was conducted by a renowned ChiRunning Instructor, Lit Onrubia. He taught a small group of runners on the efficiency and benefits of ChiRunning.

I have constantly shared the things I learned during the clinic to friends whom I trained or helped improve their runs. I hope my ChiRunning Instructor don't mind me sharing this with all Cebuanos for FREE.

1. Slight Lean Forward
2. Arms flexed at the side with normal swing forward and back
3. Shoulders and hands relaxed
4. Core muscles engaged
5. Normal relaxed stride length (DO NOT OVERSTRIDE)
6. Cadence at approximately 88 steps/min
1. Increase Lean forward to more than usual 
2. Arm swing more to the front than back
3. Shorten Stride length
4. Increase Cadence
5. Shoulders and hands relaxed
6. Core muscles engaged

1. Slight Lean Forward (Same as FLAT COURSE)
2. Arms normal swing forward and back but faster to compensate for faster cadence (Same as FLAT COURSE)
3. Shoulders and hands relaxed
4. Core muscles engaged
5. Normal relaxed stride length (DO NOT OVERSTRIDE)
6. Increase Cadence (to prevent falling)

If properly executed, these ChiRunning techniques will be able to help you conserve energy during runs and will reduce the risk for pain or injury. Proper Training is the Key. Efficient and Pain-free Running is our Goal. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love my TOENAILS

I am lucky. Three years running and still no dead toenails. Friends frequently complain that even short runs cause discomfort on their toes and later damage their toenails. The nails later darken and deform.
Runners sometimes neglect the fact that dead toenails are also running injuries. They are preventable. Here are some tips to avoid this injury.

1. Avoid tight fitting shoes. Running shoes size should at least be an inch from the tip of the longest toe. An easy way of checking is to place your thumb at the tip of your longest toe and check for enough space. Your toes should be freely moving and the space should not feel constricting. Shoes with a large toe box include the Nike LunarGlides and the Newtons.

2. Wear proper socks. They should feel comfortable as well as dry. Thin running socks are better than thick cotton socks as the latter retains moisture thus are more prone to blisters and trauma.

3. Make sure your toes do not contact the tip of the shoe when you are running. Repititive stress on the tips of the toes and nails can cause injury, blisters and chafing.

4. Make sure your feet do not move inside your shoes when running. This causes friction at the sole and sides of the shoes.

5. Avoid tying your shoe laces too tight. This can decrease blood flow to your foot thus predisposing it to injury.

6. Cut your toenails short. 

Be conscious when you run and listen to your body. Pain is a signal that something is wrong and needs attention. Correct these faults. If symptoms or pain persist, STOP and avoid further injury. 

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When do you become a full-fledged Runner?


- run in the rain
- run in the rain smiling
- run under the scorching heat of the sun
- wake up at 3AM to run
- are out of breath after running one interval and then run again
- travel to other cities just to run
- add "TO RUN THE BOSTON MARATHON" to your bucket list
- think sweaty running people are sexy
- still run even when your legs hurt from running
- bring running shoes during your vacation
- have more running shoes than casual shoes
- talk and think about running every minute of the day
- convince every person you meet to start running
- start wearing split shorts for running
- buy running gear every time you shop in the mall
- run even when stray dogs are chasing you
- run at night when people are already asleep
- wear running shorts to a party
- think tights are cool for both men and women
- are caught in traffic during rush hour and think of running to your destination
- continue to run even when crazy motorists deliberately miss you
- run out of new routes to explore and run
- run to start and end a day
- running becomes an option for dating
- drop by RUNNR every time you go to Ayala Center Cebu
- wish SM City Cebu had RUNNR
- use gels not only for your hair
- correct other people on the proper use of the word "Marathon"
- start watching running movies and not get bored
- read running blogs or sites and check weekly race schedules
- know that Newton, Pearl Izumi, Avia, Saucony and Brooks are running brands
- know that 2XU and CW-X are not motorcycles
- stop feeling guilty after carbo-loading

- think Jaymie Pizarro is most beautiful Filipina
- know that "The BULLRUNNER" is not from Mexico 
- continue to run even when dehydrated, sun-burned and with cramps
- still run even when your wife / husband tells you not to 
- run to feel better when having colds or fever
- know that color is not the most important characteristic of a running shoe 
- know your foot strike type and pronation type 
- have different running shoes for racing, training and Ungo Runs
- think running with wet socks is cool
- think dead toenails are normal
- know that Haide Acuna is an Ultramarathoner as well as a Newscaster and Lawyer
- know that Tempo Runs and Recovery Runs are not the same
- have funny running names (like Reel Runner, Power Max, etc...)

Please comment to add to the list. Thanks



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