Monday, December 19, 2011

Typhoon Sendong victims need our Help

The Cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan are in a state of calamity as hundreds die and more injured after Typhoon Sendong struck. Please donate your used clothes, shoes or slippers to the victims of Typhoon Sendong. 

You may leave your donations at Bigby's Cafe or any LBC branch. They will send your donations to affected areas for Free.

Please Help!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Photo by Maxi Maximo of

Taken during the 2011 Speedo Triathlon Cebu (Relay Category)

Maxi Maximo for the Picture
Aljew Frasco for the Cannondale Road Bike

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cebu's Other Nino

Cebu City is blessed with more than one Nino. While the famous Sto. Nino resides in his own basilica and visited by thousands of devotees, the other Nino works in a local shop and is visited by his friends. 

The other Nino does not have curly hair nor is he short. He is tall, slender and, like many cyclists in the Philippines, has a tanned complexion. Festivals are not celebrated for the other Nino but fans and friends bombard his facebook page with greetings on his birthday or after winning an event. Although he does not work miracles to heal the sick or help the needy, the other Nino has graced Cebu with more than enough medals from National and International events to make Cebu the mountainbike capital of the Philippines.

Nino Surban is Cebu’s best Mountainbiker and one of Cebu’s best Cyclists. He has won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals for the Philippines in international races including the recent Southeast Asian Games. Like many famous personalities, Nino enjoys his own fan page at but remains humble and modest despite all his achievements.

Nino loves to ride. He trains regularly to maintain top shape despite an inadequate support from the sports sector of the Philippine government. Unlike other mountainbike national team members, He does not enjoy a regular stipend and has to work to sustain his training. He manages a local Bike shop in Cebu beside Harold’s Hotel in Gorordo Avenue. Nino is an endorser for Dan’s Bike Shop and all brands present in the Shop. He represents Specialized products, a prominent Cycling brand, in the Philippines. Despite his high stature, Nino maintains a modest reputation earning him good friends who help support his endeavors.

Nino is committed to helping our local athletes train and improve sports development. In the near future, we hope to see more Cebuano cyclists excel in local and international races.

Cebu is proud to have Nino Surban and, of course, Sto. Nino. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Light that Cigarette

In my outpatient clinic, I often receive patients complaining of cough and difficulty breathing. After careful observation, I ask the patient “So, How many sticks of cigarette do you consume in a day?” They hesitate to answer.

“How long have you been smoking?” I usually don’t ask if the patient smokes when I see subtle clues that the patient is a smoker.

Patients sometimes pride themselves of smoking since their teen years. They started smoking because their friends or families smoke. “If you cant beat them, Join them.”

After a brief explanation that smoking is the cause of the patient’s complaints, I ask. “When do you plan to quit smoking?” This is where I am amused by different replies I get from my patients. Many would say “I quit already, Doc”.
“Since When?” I asked. “When my cough started”
“Do you have plans of going back to smoking after I relieve you of your complaints?” Then they humor me with their reply. 
“No Doc.”
I smile as I tell my patients “Istoryahe!”

Smokers deny the fact that to quit smoking is a difficult process. They often boast “I can quit anytime I want but I don’t want to do it just yet”. Many smokers have tried more than once to quit smoking. They remain smoke-free for a few weeks but relapse after a night out with friends. To quit smoking is not easy when your family or friends are smokers.

Cigarettes are addicting. Some of the constituents of cigarette smoke affect the emotion centers of the brain and stimulate your heart. After smoking, you feel more alert and focused. Many also claim that lighting a cigarette lightens up their mood.

So light that cigarette. They can help.

They help Doctors make a living when you get smoker’s cough or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Cigarette smoke destroys our lungs and increases the incidence of lung infection. They also increase the likelihood of getting lung and oral cancer. Light that cigarette today and visit your Doctor tomorrow.

Smokers also help solve the problem of overpopulation. Smokers often have short life spans because smoking increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and sudden death. Cigarette smoke contain chemicals that are poisonous or dangerous like formaldehyde, arsenic, cyanide, naphtalene, cadmium, carbon monoxide, mercury, lead and cloroform. Smoking also causes erectile dysfunction. Forget birth control. Light that cigarette.

They also help kill insects because cigarette smoke contains DDT (a very potent insecticide). Smokers sacrifice their lungs and their health to help prevent dengue fever and malaria. Go ahead. Light that cigarette. Burn your lungs and kill those mosquitoes.

Cigarette smoking does have unique advantages. If you think about it, maybe smoking is not so bad after all. Go ahead. Light your next cigarette.

Occasionally, patients joke about their smoking addiction and ask me “Doc, what can help me permanently quit smoking?” My reply is brief and simple. “Lung Cancer. Its free and effective”.

Published: Sunstar Newspaper November 21, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cebu Century Challenge 100K Run Tips

Good luck to all participants of the Cebu Century Challenge 100K Run!!!

I have been cycling the northern route regularly for the past few weeks and noticed that it was more hot than usual. Here are some tips to make your century challenge a little more enjoyable.

1. Stay Cool. When you can, try to nibble on some ice chips or cubes when you are resting. Towels can be soaked in ice cold water then placed in between the groin and in the armpits to cool your core body temperature. A sponge bath at aid stations will also help avoid overheating.

2. Drink Water or hydrate. Always rehydrate with ice cold water or electrolye replacements during water breaks. Make sure to avoid dehydration during the race.

3. Sunblock. Do not forget to reapply your sunblock every 3-4 hours. I recommend using the Belo Essentials Sunblock with SPF60 for the body and SPF40 for the face.

4. Follow your nutrition plan.

5. Keep your eyes on the road. Unlike other Cebu Ultramarathon races, this race will cover the northern Highway and will have many traffic. Some of the PUV/PUJ drivers can be “a little” reckless so stay alert. Parts of the northern road are being repaired so expect a lot of debris, dirt and potholes. Don't forget to wear your reflector vests early in the race when its dark.

6. Don’t forget to smile at the locals.

Have a safe race and don’t forget to have fun! Godspeed. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My First Road Race

Photos courtesy of Maxi and Igi Maximo of

It was a different Saturday morning. I woke up before 6 am to prepare for my third race this year. It may not be a major race but it was definitely unforgettable.

I have not felt this excited to join a race since I joined the last Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore last March. I arranged my uniform, prepared my shoes, filled up my hydration bottles and placed everything in a bag.

Before loading everything in the car, I checked the most important equipment I will use the next day. Lara.

She is a Scott Speedster S20 road bike which I acquired through a teammate at a very good price. Unlike riding a triathlon bike, a road bike maneuvers differently and needs a different set of skills. Sudden accelerations, sprinting and drafting are all new to a trained triathlete. Keeping up with the peloton is not as easy as it sounds. Road bikes so close to each other that your elbows almost touch. Your front wheel is less than a foot away from your competitors rear wheel. Setting or maintaining the pace when your turn comes to lead the peloton. These are not part of triathlon bike racing. In an Ironman Triathlon, drafting is illegal and violators will be given penalties. Also, sudden accelerations are seldom seen and sprinting almost never happens on the bike course.

I arrived at the race venue a little early than most cyclists. Unlike many participants, I arrived in a car while most riders started to warm-up by riding their bikes from home. Big mistake for me. While they were already preparing to start the race, I still had not warmed-up. I had to ride slowly at the rear end of the peloton to warm-up when the race started then rode with friends early in the race to familiarize myself with all the rules and techniques during a Criterium race.

I was wrong to think that the races held every Saturday morning in North Reclamation Area behind CDU University were free of traffic during the race. The races start after 7am and some of the CDU morning classes had already began. Cars were parked diagonally behind the main CDU campus and other buildings in the area. I prayed for a safe race. Actually, I always pray before and after every bike ride.

Despite my inconsistent training, I managed to keep up with the peloton and was lucky to have caught the break away group. After a few loops, I had the opportunity to ask a fellow cyclist how many loops we needed to complete before the race ends assuming that the course was 8 loops. The man gave no reply. Suddenly, a race marshal shouted “8 loops!” when I completed a lap. “Yes! I will survive” I said to myself thinking that I was on my last lap. But nobody began to attack. My legs were burning and I needed to push harder to finish the race strong.  I was looking for an opportunity to launch my final attack when a friend rode beside me. I asked him “How many laps?” A brief pause was followed by a quick reply. “Fifteen!”

In the last few loops, I rode with 2 other Category D cyclists to make the lead group. I struggled to keep up with the pace and was in agony when it was my turn to lead the 3-man group. The last lap went by so fast that all I can remember was drinking my water as I crossed the line. My legs felt really sore after the race but I was ecstatic.

An elite cyclist/ friend warned me when I told him my plans to try one of the Saturday races in Recla. He said “Criterium racing is addicting”. I agree. I can’t wait to join the next race.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Joy of Sunscreen

Triathletes love to train in the heat. We run at 12 noon to acclimatize our bodies in running in the heat. We bike from 6 am to 5 pm to increase our cycling endurance. We swim for hours in the pool or beach to train for the massive swim start.

Marathoners and Ultramarathoners also heat train. It takes about 2 weeks for the body to adjust to the high environmental temperature during exercise or running. We become more prone to electrolyte imbalance, heat stroke and dehydration when we exercise at extremely high temperatures.

To avoid these disastrous events, we take in more water and electrolytes and do simulation runs to adjust to the heat.

When exposed in the sun, we forget to take care of our skin. Endurance athletes are prone to sunburn during training. Frequent sun exposure may also cause premature aging and skin cancer.

I have used many brands of sunscreen since I started endurance training. It didn’t matter to me if they were Spf 15 or 60 as long as I was using sun screen to help protect my skin. I have to admit that I didn’t like wearing them but had to. They felt sticky and uncomfortable after application. Some even caused mild skin allergies.

During the last COBRA Ironman 70.3 Philippines, One of our team sponsors, Belo Medical group, provided us sunscreens to help prevent sunburn and protect our skin. The Belo Essentials Sun Expert Sunblock was given to team members and have been using them ever since.

This sunscreen lotion was unlike any other brand. They do not feel sticky at all. It was like water being applied to the skin. It comes in two preparations. The BODY lotion is spf 60 while the FACIAL lotion is Spf 40 and non-comedogenic (non-pimple causing). After one application, riding hard for 2 hours at 11am, my skin didn’t feel burned or irritated and all I got was a great-looking dark tan line.

Try it and experience the joy of sunscreen. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ironman 2011 Kona Video

Video Clips From the 2011 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

3-time Ironman World Champion

4-time Ironman World Champion

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I need to control my Diet

I have been exercising less and eating more these past few weeks. Whenever I visit my friend’s house to spend time with his kids or hangout, we commit eating “sin”. Ice cream, salted chips, coffee, chocolates and the world famous, Heart-attack proven “Humba” of Ate Marit. It is therefore not surprising that I gained weight. This has always been my problem.

Moderation is the key. Eat moderately. Drink moderately. Exercise moderately. Party moderately. Work moderately.

Not for me. When I drink with friends on occasion, I get drunk. When I eat, I glut. When I exercise, I do it more than I should. When I have work to finish, I do not sleep until its done. When I sleep, I siesta the entire day. Moderation, for me, is like eating broken glass.

Here is something I read from one of our Medicine references:

Title: Controlling Portions

1. Eating more than a lot of fruits and vegetables is still eating in excess. Excess foods = Excess Calories.
2. Practice makes perfect. Whatever you want to eat, put it your plate. Eat whatever is half of what you placed is your plate.
3. Eating half of twice the food you want to eat is cheating.
4. Practice comparing portions. Three ounces of meat looks like a deck of cards.
5. Know your food. Carbs, fats or protein. Pasta is a carb and so is Bread. Don’t eat them together.
6. Restaurants should include “Calories per serving” in their Menu.
7. Soda and Orange juice are not the same. Juice will contain vitamins while soda is simply water + sugar. Coke Zero? Go figure.
8. Healthy foods should be cheap while junk foods should be expensive. Double the Ice Cream Tax. (#*^$*%$&^$ !!!)
9. Divide your plate. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables. Eat half of the Veggie and fruits and half of the other things you placed in your plate.
10. Read Food Labels. Know the calories per serving and Servings per container of each food you buy.

Good Luck!!! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you miss your Oakley Sunglasses?

Like most of my relatives and many of my friends, I wear prescription eyeglasses. My eyesight started to deteriorate in College with all the sleepless nights studying and partying.

I wore my prescription glasses only when I am in class during my teen years. When driving in daytime, I wore my favorite Oakley Eyejacket Sunglasses. Yes, it was not as clear as wearing my eyeglasses but they kept my eyes cooler and more comfortable. Then I bought another pair of Oakley sunglasses. The red Iridium lens and blue “spiderman” colored frame, Oakley Minute. I love my Oakleys. Like many oakley fans in the world, I just feel more comfortable wearing them compared to other brands.

Then my deteriorating vision got worse. I was almost legally blind when I studied medschool and could no longer wear my Oakley sunglasses. I could not even recognize faces about 2 meters in front of me without my prescription glasses.

Since then, I have always worn my prescription glasses everywhere. Because of my passion for Oakleys, I currently use the Square wire or Choptop everyday and still need to fit my Why 4.0 frame with updated prescription lenses.

When I started running, I used to wear my eyeglasses when I run and find them very uncomfortable. Not only do they fog and feel heavy during the long runs but they also can’t keep the dust out of my eyes. I tried looking for Oakley authentic prescription sunglasses but they are just too expensive and have a wait period of about 4-6 weeks. I had to resort to buying unbranded sunglasses with prescription clip-ons. How I wished Oakley had prescription Clip-ons to the Jawbone, Split Jacket or the Radar.

Then a friend offered to help me with my Oakley problems. I bought the Oakley split jacket and had them fitted with custom prescription lenses. They are more expensive than the usual lenses we buy in local optical shops but are not as expensive as the ones from Oakley. They cost more because the lenses have to be shaped to accommodate the bent Oakley frame. After getting the lens right, it was now ready for tinting.

After a week of wait, my Oakley woes are over. I now have my first Oakley prescription sunglasses. They look great! You would not even notice that the lens are prescription. Because the Oakley Jawbone and Split Jacket have switchlock technology (easy lens change), I also ordered another pair of untinted prescription lenses for afternoon or night training.

Next project? Photochromic transitional lenses for my Oakley Why. 

For interested individuals, please call or text (0922)8266865 for inquiries about the prescription lenses. Thank you. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ironman Craig Alexander

He is only ONE of four male triathletes who won the Ironman Kona World Championship more than 2 times.  He is also the ONLY male triathlete who won BOTH the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and Ironman Kona World Championship. And the ONLY one who did it in the SAME YEAR!!! 

He is the best Triathlete in the World. He is a very strong Runner and, just recently, proved to be a strong cyclist as well. He made history when he broke the fifteen year old course record in Kona this year at the Ironman World Championships. He finished the swim in 51:56, the bike 4:24:05 and ran a marathon in 2:44:03. His time was 12 seconds faster than Luc Van Lierde's 1996 record time and completed the course in  8:03:56. 

I watched the race live which started midnight and waited for Crowie (Craig Alexander's Nick) to finish. I knew it was going to be a good race with Macca not starting and only Andreas Raelert for competition. The race was exciting from start to finish with all the Pro triathletes within seconds of each other in the swim and managed to go through the bike course in one big 30 cyclist group. Craig started his run less than 5 minutes behind Chris Lieto (a very strong cyclist) and managed to steal the lead in less than 5 miles. That was inevitable. Based on previous Ironman Kona races, not even a 10 minute lead on the bike can stop Craig Alexander from taking the lead from Lieto. What made the run exciting was Andy Raelert only a few minutes behind Crowie and gaining. Andy is a strong runner and was running a mind blowing pace of 4m:20s/Km off the bike. Andy gained on Crowie but succumb to cramps only a few miles before the finish line. He settled for 2nd place. Again. 

Craig Alexander is a super athlete. He is THE IRONMAN. 

During his 1st win in Kona

With his new bike, Specialized SHIV

Historical Win in Kona 2011

Our very own, Team Reborn Coach Noy Jopson, also joined the race and finished first among all Filipino triathletes. He finished the course in 10 hours 32 minutes. Congratulations Coach!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Really Tempting

Should I ?

For those UltraRunners... Check this out.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Road Bike Parts

Something for all road bike newbies... like me. 
(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out of Time to train Outdoors?

Some people do not have the luxury of training outdoors on the bike. Many often cram their cycling hours on weekends to stay fit. 

I am one of those aspiring cyclists. I juggle hours spent studying for my diplomate examinations, outpatient private clinic and as municipal health consultant for our locality. I will also be teaching clinical skills to Medical students in the next few weeks. Together with my mates from Team Reborn, I intend to participate in an Olympic distance Triathlon race scheduled late this year.

Due to my schedule, I do not have time to bike 1-2 hours 5x a week. Instead, I use an indoor trainer to log in bike hours. I sweat, pant and grunt indoors. 

Spinning is not as easy as it looks. A strong cooling fan is needed to compensate for the lack of wind. A good motivational cycling video or any fast paced movie would help you put up with the less stimulating (actually Boring is a better term) environment. A good indoor cycling program is required. 

On the other side, indoor cycling also has advantages. It is definitely safer than riding outdoors. It provides a more controlled environment for specific workouts (No street corners or traffic to ruin your workouts). It is convenient and takes less time to start the program (home training). You can do the workout at any time (night riding can be very dangerous). Because there is no wind, you do not need to be in the aero position. 

One of the disadvantages of indoor cycling is sweat. It can really get messy. So I figured I'd make something to prevent sweat from dripping on the bike or the floor. This is what I made (Design from the Net). And It works! Also, spinning can be noisy. But using a disc wheel can help reduce the irritating hum. Try it! 
(introducing... the Team Reborn Bike Sweat Trap)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I will be an IRONMAN

Please wear your Reborn Polo Shirts. See you!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Luck Team REBORN!!!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Barefoot Runner's dream come true

They have arrived....  The new barefoot running shoe designs by Vivo Barefoot are available at Terra Plana in Ayala Center Cebu. 

The Achilles. Soft, Pliable and exciting colors. Check them out.
(The Master of barefoot sandals)
(Color options for the Achilles)

The Ultra. My dream barefoot running shoes. They are light and have soft thin soles. They feel very comfortable!!! These shoes make you want to run immediately after wearing them. They feel great when walking too. But don't take my word for it. Try it!
(Light and comfortable with elastic laces for fast transitions)

(Color Options for the Ultra)
(Ultra with inner socks - No more socks!!!)

The Dopies. New and exciting colors now available.
(New Dopies)

 (Purple Dopies -Option A)
  (Purple Dopies -Option B)

Visit the Terra Plana Ayala Center Cebu store now!!!



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