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Cebu City Marathon Souvenir Shirt

To All those who are running the marathon or watching from the sidelines... the perfect gift to mark the Start of 2010.

Cebu City Marathon 
Souvenir Shirt




Dr. Yong Larrazabal 



With over 2,000 Runners registered, the Cebu City Marathon will be the grandest race in Cebu City for 2010.

No time to LOSE. REGISTER NOW!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Men in Tights: My CW-X Review

I was a skeptic. I never liked the idea of men wearing tights. Two years of running convinced me that skimpy shorts are part of basic running apparel. I was wrong. 

I joined the Ateneo Fund Run to mark my last race for 2009 last December 27. I chose to run 10 miles (16K) at race pace to help determine my marathon pace for the Condura Run on Feb 7, 2010. This was also my first race using compression tights from CW-X bought at RUNNR Ayala. I was hesitant but otherwise excited to use my new tights on race day since I was told never to race with any new gear. I wore my marathon shoes (Adidas Supernova Sequence) and used my Suunto T3 for pacing. When I put them on, I immediately noticed the tight feeling around my entire leg. I picked CW-X Pro Tights since it provides support to all lower extremity joints and muscles except the core area. CW-X made it easy for runners to choose which pair of tights they should wear based on areas of support. Expert, Pro,  PerformX, StabilyX and Ventilator tights(for warm weather) all with different target areas of support. 

Despite the underestimation of the route distance(13K), poor marshall coordination, poor water supply, disorganized checking system and lack of route markers, I was happy with the race. I was dehydrated after running almost 8 kilometers without water and had to stop for directions since a small pack of runners were instructed to "GO STRAIGHT" when we were supposed to "TURN LEFT". This was ALMOST a disaster. We (MISDIRECTED RUNNERS) ran an exact 16K instead of the 13K originally directed and finished a 10 Mile race. I completed the course in 1 hour 17 mins 39 secs (Average Pace - 4:45) and was almost 3 minutes better than my goal. I broke my previous 10 Mile record of 1 hour 50 mins by more than half an hour. I was stunned. My speed training worked. 

During the run, I could not help but notice that I did not feel the usual sting in my inner knee after a certain speed and distance. It felt like my joints were in proper running alignment and I was not feeling any tired at all. I was supposed to run at 5:00 pace but instead comfortably ran a 4:45 and finished earlier than expected. Despite the obvious lack of support from the organizers of the race, I was elated. I attributed this victory to my speed training and newly found race gear, CW-X Pro tights.

These tights are expensive. Priced at P3,750 -  P4,850 depending on the model, runners think twice before buying running tights. They cost more than most running shoes in the market and are not included in the list of essentials for running. But what do they really have to offer. 

Studies show that tights help reduce fatigue and post exercise soreness due to improved lactic acid distribution during exercise. They also improve recovery by providing support and compression to target areas and improve circulation. Apart from ordinary athletic tights, CW-X pushed further and added features like the Conditioning Web which acts a suspension system for joints and helps reduce load and stress. This acts as an exoskeleton for uniting the hip, knee and ankle joints. On the downside, they are noted to feel too warm for our climate and are not very easy to don and doff. 

Thanks to RUNNR Cebu, CW-X tights are now within our grasp. Although also available from Nike and Adidas, models and sizes are difficult to come by. I have already made reservations for the CW-X StabilyX model from RUNNR since I am planning to race with them during the Condura Run. I will never run another race in shorts. From now on, Reel Runner is a member of the Men in Tights. 

Friday, December 25, 2009

REEL RUNNER Marathon Checklist

Full Marathon preparation starts 8-12 weeks before race day. They not only include training schedules but also other essential items needed before, during and after the race. I will be running in the Condura Marathon on Feb.7 and this is my Checklist.

My Personal Marathon Checklist:

- Airline Tickets
- Cash
- Compact Camera (Pentax s70)
- Medicine (Anti-HPN, Vitamins/ Glucosamine/ Pain killer/ Anti-Allergy/ Paracetamol)
- Eyeglasses (Oakley with Case)
- Personal Clothing and hygeine
- Fully Charged Cellphones (with Charger)
- Fully Charged iPOD Touch (with Charger)

- Timing Chip (if Available)
- Race Bib with pins
- Race number Belt
- Race Money (for water/taxi fare)
- Shoes (Adidas Supernova Sequence)
- Socks (Nike Elite Structured)
- Brief
- Fully Charged iPOD Shuffle with earphones
- Nike Media Pouch
- Suunto T3 with footpod
- Reel Runnner Singlet
- Marathon official Singlet
- Nike Pro Compression Sleeveless Shirt
- Petroleum Jelly / BodyGlide
- Nike Race Cap
- Halo headband
- FuelBelt 2 Bottle Hydration Belt
- Sunglasses with Prescription Lens
- New Balance Race Split Shorts
- CW-X Pro Tights
- Nike Sportband with Sensor
- Hammer Gels (Caffeine and Tropical - 2 each) and Sport beans (1)
- PRE-RACE Nutrition (3-in-1 Coffee and Bread or ensaymada)
- DAY BEFORE Race Hydration (Drink as much fluids as possible to maintain clear colored urine)


(QCIM Pre-Race Picture)

- Shoes
- Nike Sensor
- Suunto Footpod
- Timing Chip
- Socks
- Tights
- Shorts
- Nike Pro Shirt
- Singlet
- Suunto T3
- Nike SportBand
- Halo Headband
- Nike Race Cap
- Sunglasses with Prescription lens
- Hydration Belt
- Gels / Beans
- Gatorade Filled Hydration bottles
- Money

- Supporter
- Knee and leg sleeves
- Kinesio Tapes
- Slippers
- Face towel

(33rd Milo Marathon Pre-Race Picture) 

This checklist is continuously being edited as I gain more experience in running full marathons. Please feel free to comment on my Checklist.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Road Safety for Runners

Weekly mileage increases as Cebuano runners train for the Cebu City Marathon. This will help accustom your muscles to the distance which you are about to run. Training starts with 30Km/week up to 80Km/week a few weeks prior to race day. Some prefer to train in Abellana Sports Complex while some go out and run the busy streets of Cebu. More often, runners start their morning run at 4 am and finish around 7 am. Others also run after work at 6 pm up to 9 pm. While many run in packs, a few prefer to run alone.

Accidents happen if a runner becomes reckless. I once hit a passing PUV after it suddenly stopped for passengers and cut my left lower eyelid. Only a few millimeters from my eye, the wound kept bleeding as my friends (Opthalmologists) tried to dress and clean the wound. They even recommended minor stitches to improve tissue healing. I was lucky. My eye was fine save for the big "blackeye" i got after the accident. But some may not be as fortunate. Veteran Runner Rening Ylaya was hit by a passing taxi while running and broke his arm. It was placed in a cast for months and forced Rening to run with a broken arm. This can happen to any of us. 

In an article by, a few safety measures may be followed to avoid such disasters. 

1. Run in groups. Despite wanting to run at your own pace, it may be advisable to run with a buddy. Accidents occur less often when more than one runner is cautious. As much as possible, runners in groups should be in a single file. 

2. Never Run Deaf. MP3 players and iPODs are the latest craze in running gear. Music helps runners maintain a comfortable pace and can rescue them from absolute boredom. Earphones have also evolved to noise reducing in-ear plugs. These gadgets not only provide excellent quality sound but also block ambient sound from the environment. These are helpful when trying to ignore an irritating gym instructor but put you at risk for serious injuries when trying to run outdoors. When running with music, keep the volume loud enough to hear ambient sounds. Some recommend listening to music one ear at a time. 

3. Wear bright or reflective clothing. Running is a good excuse to wear your brightest and most peculiar apparels. The more striking they are, the better. 

4. Observe road courtesy. Respect a motorist's right of way. Always assume that drivers do not see you. Use hand signals to notify motorist's of your direction. Whenever possible, always run against traffic.

5. Stop, look both ways then cross. Except during races, always stop at intersections and traffic lights to give way to motorists. Look both ways and make sure it is clear prior to crossing the street. 

6. Bring personal identification cards during your road runs. During long runs, bring your ID and Cellphone for immediate assistance during emergencies. When in a race, write your personal details like your name, address and contact numbers behind the race bib.

Road Mishaps are avoidable if runners are cautious and vigilant. When running the streets of Cebu, sidewalks are scarce thus runners need to take note of these precautionary measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable run.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Published Sunstar Cebu "On the Road" December 29, 2009.

Merry Christmas Runners

Merry Christmas 
Runners !!!

Dieting tonight is not an option.
STOP counting calories.
Enjoy tonight.
Don't drink too much though.

See you on the road.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Condura Run 2010 UPDATE!!!

To all Cebuano Runners!!! 

Condura Marathon on Feb. 7, 2010 Registration now open with LIMITED SLOTS ONLY. RUNNR CEBU is willing to extend help for our registrations. (Registration Period starts December 14, 2009 up to January 24, 2010)

PROCESS: (Please coordinate with me to make arrangements for bank deposit) 
1. Download Registration form at
2. Fill-up form and submit to RUNNR Cebu. 
3. Wait for Registration form Confirmation from RUNNR BHS.
4. Payment will be deposited to RUNNR BHS.

Registration Fees:

The Condura Marathon is one of Manila's most awaited races since the route will cover the new Skyway. 

1. Skyway Route. New route. Closed for Runners only. Very Safe even for children running 3K.
2. Separate finish line for 3k/5k and 10k/21k/42k. Less crowded finish means lesser confusion.
3. DO IT YOURSELF RACE BIB. 2 race bibs will be given. One in front with number and one at back with blank space for personal touch. Although not available for late registrants.
4. FINISHERS MEDAL for ALL categories. Even 3K!
5. Souvenir Shirt. Dolphin Shirt for everyday use. Still not available for Late registrants.
6. ASICS Expo. Discounts for Participants
7. Good Support. They even have Cheerers for the runners. Water and fluids adequate.
8. Run to SAVE DOLPHINS. P50.00 donation for every registration to help save the dolphins of Bohol.  

**NO Race SINGLETS will be given.

42K Map and Route:

Souvenir Shirt and Medal:

For more details. Visit

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cebu City Marathon UPDATE !!!

Christmas and New Year's Day is almost here. Malls and offices will be closed on the holidays. But as long as Ayala Active Zone is open, CCM registrations will continue.

Register Now for the Grandest Running Event in Cebu for 2010.

Join the Cebu City Marathon!!!!

Marathon History

The Marathon started in Greece in honor of a war hero Philippides (Phidippides) who ran himself to death during the Persian/ Greek War. He ran 140 miles in 36 hours to ask the Spartans to aid the Athenians in crushing the Persian invaders. After being turned down, he ran back to Marathon, Greece and informed them of the desolate news. Outnumbered 4 to 1, the Athenians fought the Persians in a surprise attack and forced them to sea. This pushed the Persians to attack the city of Athens in hope that the Greek army can not assemble in time. Philippides was again tasked to run a distance of 26 miles to warn the Athenians of the attack and the news of victory over Persia in Marathon. After reaching Athens in approximately 3 hours, Philippides collapsed and died of exhaustion. Athenians and Spartans defended Greece from the Persian invaders and won the war. 

The first marathon was held during the olympic games and covered a distance of 40 kilometers. A Greek postal worker completed the course in 2 hours 58 mins and 50 secs and won. The official marathon distance was later changed to 26.2 miles during the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Current world records for the Marathon include Haile Gebrselassie, an Ethiopian, during the 2008 Berlin Marathon and finished 2 hours 3 minutes and 59 secs while British Paula Radcliffe holds the female record at 2 hours 15 mins 25 secs during the 2003 London Marathon. 

Every runner dreams of joining a full marathon. We often start running distances from 5k to 10k then the half-marathon and later the full Marathon. Finishing a marathon needs persistence, patience, determination and courage. No words can describe the feeling after completing a 42 kilometer race. Elated and proud emanates from every marathon finisher.

Take the Challenge. See you on January 10, 2010 for the Cebu City INTERNATIONAL Marathon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Cebuano Marathoner

In a few weeks, Cebu City will be hosting its biggest tourist attraction. Held once a year on the third sunday of January, the SINULOG Parade will grace the streets of Cebu and fill it with color and energy. Tourists, domestic and Foreign, will march across the busiest streets of Cebu to witness first hand the beauty of Cebu City.

But some tourists prefer to run. Held a week before the actual street parade, Cebu City will also host its biggest running event. The Cebu City Marathon will encompass all the beautiful sites Cebu has to offer and probably more. As more and more Cebuanos get afflicted with the running virus, many often hesitate to join the race. "I am not ready" they say. But what does it really take to run 5K, 21K or 42K?

Training for a Full Marathon is very much different than running a 5K. Nutrition, Mileage and proper gear come into play. Injuries do happen to the unprepared. Mileage slowly increases at 10% a week from 30K to 60-70K a few weeks prior to race day. Wearing improper shoes can cause a catastrophe during the race and lead to plantar fascitiis, shin splints and cramps. Not only will the race test you physically but also mentally. Runners "Hit the wall" and quit anytime during the race. Anything can happen from KM 1 up to KM 42.195.

When runners decide to run a marathon, they commit themselves to train. Preparations include waking up at 3:00-4:00AM to run, eating a regular balanced diet, STOP smoking and minimize drinking alcohol. Many dare try but few triumph.

Take the challenge. Become a Marathoner. 

See you ON THE ROAD !!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Run for Sight RUNNER of THE YEAR


2009 Run for Sight
Runner of the Year

My missed Race

I have not missed a race yet. I wake up at 5:00 AM to start preparing for a race. I take my bath, then eat a light snack or fluids depending on the distance of the race. Never did I miss a race. Especially Run for Sight which is organized by Yong Larazzabal.

I planned on doing a time trial today at the last Run for Sight this year. Was really hoping for a 43 minute finish after my speed training. I was supposed to take my Newton shoes to its first 10K race. I wanted to buy CW-X tights yesterday and use it in today's race but opted to buy them next week (need to buy gifts for manito/manita first). I made my Pre-Race gear preparations at 11:00 PM last night and was in bed before 12 midnight. 

I could not understand why I woke up at 6:45AM. More than an hour late. Sorry.

See you ON THE ROAD !!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


On the last Sunday of the year, Cebu is yet to hold another running event. Three to be exact. Ateneans will host their Blue Eagles Fund Run while SRRC has moved its Kasadya Run to the same date. Talisay City also promoted its Fun Run scheduled on the same day.

What do we hope to achieve in organizing multiple races on weekends? Turnout will be less and confusion will again be a problem.

Who could be at fault here? The organizers? or the people who approve the proposed dates? Anyway, I hope this will not continue next year. The Cebu City government should approve only one race per weekend. 

See you ON THE ROAD!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SRP DRY RUN (FOODIE 10-miler) this Sunday

Runners wanting to be Marathoners will get a chance to try the SRP route this Sunday as  part of the Cebu City Marathon which is set to occur on January 10, 2010. Runners wanting to finish 21K and 42K will pass by this section early in the race.

Runners assembly time is at 4:00-4:30AM at Magellan's Cross and take off at 4:30AM with a 7:30 mins/Km pace. Runners need to keep up as only one police escort is provided to ensure the safety of the runners. Hydration is a concern since no water is provided thus runners are advised to bring their own hydration packs. Unlike the actual race on January, roads will not be closed thus runners need to be extra careful during the dry run. 

Runners need to sign waivers prior to starting the run and are asked a fee of P10.00 each as honorarium for the police escorts.

This dry run was organized by MarathonFoodie, Haide Acuna, and is appropriately called the FOODIE 10-miler SRP Run in honor of its organizer. 

To Foodie and all the runners joining this Sunday's Run. Godspeed. 

The Reel Runner will be joining the Run for Sight Race at CDU this Sunday. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Perfect Pain Reliever after a Marathon

Everybody hurts after a Marathon... The best treatment? 

Pills? NO
Massage? NO
Kiss from a Sexy and Beautiful Girl? MAYBE.

FOR INSTANT RELIEF.... This will suffice.


See You on January 10, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

We should start calling it the Cebu City INTERNATIONAL Marathon

What do Yong and Donna Larazzabal, Haide Acuna, John Pages, Raffy Uytiepo, Dr. Vic Verallo and Joel Garganera have in common? All have ventured to other Cities in Asia or the World to run a Marathon. Why? The Experience.

Why do we have to travel such distances to run a race when we can do it right here in Cebu City? Yes. An international race here in Cebu. The Cebu City Marathon (CCM).

The Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) have been preparing an international race here in Cebu City and will happen in just a few weeks. On January 10, 2010 Cebuano runners will experience the thrill of running an international race in our very own playground.

All preparations for the race are world class. The CCM is the first race outside Manila to use timing chips for accurate finish times. The singlets have also improved since last year and they feel like Nike DriFit shirts. The design is really good although we can't do anything about the black and yellow combination. Sinulog standards I guess. 

Not only will the excitement start on race day but the organizers have prepared a Pre-Race Marathon Expo for claiming singlets and a showcase of sponsors like Globe, Mizuno, Summit and TImex. The Expo will be held at the recently opened Ayala Center Active Zone from January 6 - 9 during mall hours. A carbo-loading party is scheduled on January 8, 2010 6:00 PM at the Ayala Center Terraces to accomodate the expected high turnout. Pasta and other fuel sources from our sponsors will be served to all guests and participants.

On race day, the Start/Finish line will be positioned across I.T. Park's The Walk and will showcase bands and other forms of entertainment. To make it more festive, CERC has arranged entertainment to extend to all water stations along the entire route. We also made arrangements with CITOM to close half of the street along the entire route. Runners will be free to run inside the barricade with no threats of vehicular accidents. Only registered runners are authorized to use the protected area thus unregistered runners (otherwise known as BANDITS) as well as bicycle or motorcycle supports are also prohibited. Almost 500 CCM Marshals will control traffic inside the barricade while CITOM officers control traffic outside. Water and other isotonic fluids are provided every 1.5Km and some hydration stations will have bananas for electrolyte replacement. The route is also made special when Cebu City officials approved the use of the South Reclamation Project (SRP) road which is normally inaccessible to runners. Sunrise will be breathtaking as it bestows runners during the early part of the race. After the SRP leg, the route will then take the runners along the busy streets of Cebu City. A Finishers medal will then greet the 42K Finishers as they cross the final checkpoint of the Race. At the Finish line, runners will enjoy live entertainment situated in front of the last few meters of the route. Food stalls from sponsors are also available at the finish line as runners need to replenish lost fluids and energy from the race. Slow runners need not worry about the traffic as roads will remain closed until 9:30 AM. NO TIME LIMIT is imposed thus all runners will be allowed to finish the race.

Registration is open at Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone and at PSC Abellana Sports Complex. Out of town participants may register at THIRSTY Stalls in Bacolod City and Cagayan de Oro City while runners from Luzon may register at RUNNR in Bonifacio High Street. Registration fees are pricier than usual since participants will receive a DriFit singlet, high quality Race Bib, ChampionChip Timing Chip and other freebies. Invite your friends and share the experience of being part of Cebu City's biggest running event.

To finish an International Marathon is every runners Dream. A dream brought closer to us thanks to the Cebu Executive Runners Club and the Cebu City Government. Support Cebu City. Run the Cebu City Marathon. Ato ni Bai!!!

Published Sunstar Cebu "On the Road" December 17, 2009.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Runner's Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is only a few days ahead and Cebuanos ,including runners, have started christmas shopping. We celebrate the season with gatherings and parties that culminate in exchange of gifts. Do usual gifts satisfy runners? Probably not.

Here are a few tips on buying gifts for runners, Advanced or Newbie, which are available in local running or athletic shops.

Budget is a priority thus are categorized as such.

1. Foot and Gait Analysis at RUNNR Ayala Center Cebu

1. Running socks. Not the thick socks from burlington but the socks from Nike or RUNNR which provide added features like support and cushioning. Price: P150-550

2. Cebu City Marathon Registration. For the ones in training, surprise them with a registration for the biggest running event in Cebu. Price: P250 (5K) / P450 (21K) / P650 (42K)

3. Running caps. These caps are designed with adequate ventilation as well as moisture/ sweat reduction for a drier and comfortable run. Price: P700-900

4. Media Pouch. For your precious iPODs, cellphones, money and keys. Price: P700-800

5. Sport gels or Beans. Nutrition for the Marathoner. Price: P65-75 each

6. Running Apparel (Nike DriFit Singlets and New Balance Shorts). Price: P400-999

P1,000 - P2,999
1. Hydration Belt. For the distance runner. P1,000-2,000

2. More Expensive Running Apparel (Nike Pro Apparel, Adidas Singlets and shorts). Price: P1,200-2,900

3. Phiten Products. For improved muscle performance and recovery. Price: P1,800-2,800

4. Running Shoes. Models released prior to 2008 are usually on sale but are not necessarily inferior. Some may be better than the newer models. Adidas Adizero Racers are a good buy for the advanced light-weight fast runner. Price: P2,000-2,500

P3,000 - P10,000
1. Nike+ Sportband. For the technical runner. Logs mileage, speed and calories. Price: P3,299

2. Timex Running Watch. Some have heart rate Monitors (HRM) for training. Price: TBD

3. More Expensive Running Shoes. Newton Shoes for the midfoot advanced runner. Price: P7,450-8,300

4. Running Tights. CW-X Compression wear for the serious runner. Price: P3,750-4,100

5. Gym Duffel Bag. For equipment storage. Price: P2,499-3,500

6. Earphones. Sennheiser earphones provide clear quality sounds for the music-loving runner. Also has noise reduction which can increase the risk for road accidents. Be careful. Price: TBD

1. Garmin / Polar / Suunto Wrist top Running computers. Logs Mileage, speed, Heart rate and cadence. More expensive models have GPS, stride length and other features we do not necessarily need. Price: P12,000-30,000

2. Oakley Sunglasses. Provides UV Protection. Running in Style. Price: P13,000 - 18,000

3. iPOD Touch / Shuffle or iPHONE. For the Techie Runner. Touch and iPHONE logs mileage and speed. Also syncs with Shuffle for music playback only. Price: P2,000-40,000

PRICELESS: Running Mate


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Published Sunstar Cebu "On the Road" December 12, 2009. 



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