Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you miss your Oakley Sunglasses?

Like most of my relatives and many of my friends, I wear prescription eyeglasses. My eyesight started to deteriorate in College with all the sleepless nights studying and partying.

I wore my prescription glasses only when I am in class during my teen years. When driving in daytime, I wore my favorite Oakley Eyejacket Sunglasses. Yes, it was not as clear as wearing my eyeglasses but they kept my eyes cooler and more comfortable. Then I bought another pair of Oakley sunglasses. The red Iridium lens and blue “spiderman” colored frame, Oakley Minute. I love my Oakleys. Like many oakley fans in the world, I just feel more comfortable wearing them compared to other brands.

Then my deteriorating vision got worse. I was almost legally blind when I studied medschool and could no longer wear my Oakley sunglasses. I could not even recognize faces about 2 meters in front of me without my prescription glasses.

Since then, I have always worn my prescription glasses everywhere. Because of my passion for Oakleys, I currently use the Square wire or Choptop everyday and still need to fit my Why 4.0 frame with updated prescription lenses.

When I started running, I used to wear my eyeglasses when I run and find them very uncomfortable. Not only do they fog and feel heavy during the long runs but they also can’t keep the dust out of my eyes. I tried looking for Oakley authentic prescription sunglasses but they are just too expensive and have a wait period of about 4-6 weeks. I had to resort to buying unbranded sunglasses with prescription clip-ons. How I wished Oakley had prescription Clip-ons to the Jawbone, Split Jacket or the Radar.

Then a friend offered to help me with my Oakley problems. I bought the Oakley split jacket and had them fitted with custom prescription lenses. They are more expensive than the usual lenses we buy in local optical shops but are not as expensive as the ones from Oakley. They cost more because the lenses have to be shaped to accommodate the bent Oakley frame. After getting the lens right, it was now ready for tinting.

After a week of wait, my Oakley woes are over. I now have my first Oakley prescription sunglasses. They look great! You would not even notice that the lens are prescription. Because the Oakley Jawbone and Split Jacket have switchlock technology (easy lens change), I also ordered another pair of untinted prescription lenses for afternoon or night training.

Next project? Photochromic transitional lenses for my Oakley Why. 

For interested individuals, please call or text (0922)8266865 for inquiries about the prescription lenses. Thank you. 


  1. Can you share your contact for your custom prescription lenses? I always wanted to buy Jawbone, but have the same problem with you. If you can share your contact, to whom that can make a custom lenses for Jawbone that would be great.

  2. PLease text orders or inquiries... thanks alot

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    1. What is your prescription? Mine is around -7D, and I wonder how thick the lenses would be with my rx.

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  5. Hi, not sure if my original post went through. I just had a question about the fit. Does the bolt/hinge( blue bolt area) touch your cheeks? I just got a new pair of split jackets and tho the nose piece sit on my nose the bolt area touches my cheeks. I was just wondering if that is suppose to be how it fits.

  6. This kind of sunglasses is better for me! because I love running and biking!




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