Sunday, February 27, 2011

XTERRA Philippines Championship this week!!!

There are 2 international events on March 6, 2011 in Cebu. Yes. Two. One is the well publicized Davis Cup for tennis fans and the other, for multi-sport enthusiasts, the Xterra Philippines Championship.
Multi-sport individuals are very much familiar with the Cobra 70.3 Ironman held in CamSur every August. It is one of many international races flocked by swimmers, cyclists and runners. Participants swim 1.9Km in a man made lake at the CamSur Watersports Complex, Bike 90Km along the scenic roads of CamSur then run a half marathon all in one day. This is the Half-Ironman.
The off-road counterpart for the Ironman is the Xterra. Staged in Liloan, Cebuanos are very lucky to have the chance to join or watch an international race without travel expenses. This is the first championship race to be held in the Philippines with other qualifying races held at Laguna and Tagaytay since last year. We also get a chance to see world champion triathletes racing against filipino elites like Team Reborn Coaches Noy Jopson and Lorhiz Echavez. Other Team Reborn members competing at their respective age-groups are Jung Cases, Tenggoy Colmenares, Tyrone and daugher Rochelle Tan. Joseph Miller, after winning the Columbia Trailmasters race last year, will compete against other male Filipino elites like 2010 Cobra 70.3 Ironman Philippines Champion Neil Catiil and Cebu's own Elmo Clarabal. Noy’s wife, Amale, will join and team up with Intercare athletes Martin Camara and Camilla Taylor. The winners will get the chance to represent the Philippines in the World Championships in Maui, Hawaii.
Being a native of Liloan, I was given the opportunity to race for the home team. Aside from me (swim), Relay Team Abante Liloan! is composed of Gerard Cabatingan (Bike) and Duke Frasco (Run), the young Mayor of Liloan.
The race will cover a 1.5Km open water swim starting at the waters of Amara then a 35km mountainbike ride in the rugged terrains of Liloan and finish with a 10Km trail run. Everything exactly like the Ironman race except its Off-road. No cyclists on aerobars. Bikes jumping off rough, loose and muddy landscapes. Running along uneven and challenging paths. These are some of the thrills Xterra has to offer. 
Registration ends today. If you are not running or doing anything on March 6, please support the event by going to the race venue and cheer for the participants. Race starts 7am and ends 12noon. Cheer for All Filipinos. Cheer for all Adventure Athletes. See you there!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cebuano Barefoot Runners

Cebuanos are proud barefooters. We recently launched our own run group called "Cebuano Barefoot Runners". With the help of Terra Plana and Vivo Barefoot, the group now meets every Monday night 7pm at the Terra Plana Shop in Ayala Center Cebu. All barefooters are invited!!!
It was no ordinary Valentine's Day. Barefooters organized to meet and run together as a group around Cebu Business Park at 7pm despite the romantic occasion. Expecting to run alone, I was surprised to see 9 other people willing to run barefoot with me. Among them were Karen Lim of Vivo Barefoot, Joy Polloso of Ayala Center Cebu and Half-marathon champion Ian Bernido. We had a brief introduction and started to walk along the sidewalks of Ayala Center. When the streets were clear, we commenced our run. 

Cebu Business Park is the perfect playground for barefooters. Well lit streets, roads with less traffic and roving security guards make our barefoot runs safer. The environment was calm and silent. You can easily spot the barefooter who is NOT running light. We end our slow, easy, recovery run at the assembly area after covering 3.6 kilometers. Karen then announced that all attendees for that night's run will automatically get a Cebuano Barefoot Runners Singlet courtesy of Terra Plana and Vivo Barefoot.
After a successful first CBR group run, our attendees grew from 10 to 15 a week after. Now composed of marathoners and ultrarunners, the group was interesting. We had veteran barefooters (like Edward Tan Ting and Cuzin Abby Ponce) leading the run while most of us were trying to keep up. Everybody enjoyed the run. We all like to run along side other barefoot runners. 
If you want to give barefoot running a try NOW is the perfect time. Vivo Barefoot is having a promo for buying pairs. Check it out!!!

(Banjo Sandler?)

See you next Monday!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tragedies struck the running community as deaths from Manila and Cebu runners were reported. Is running still a safe sport?

Before engaging in an active lifestyle (especially for couch potatoes), make sure your bodies can handle the sudden stress. Running not only stresses your musculo-skeletal system but your cardio-pulmonary system as well. Your lungs and heart may not be strong enough.
If you are 35 years old and above, consult with your doctor regarding your plan to start running (or swimming, cycling, jogging or any endurance sport). Inform your physician if you had any chest pain, difficulty breathing, previous heart attacks or stroke, high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus in the past. Make sure you have your eyes and ears checked to make your runs safer. OR answer this questionnaire for your personal assessment.
If you answered yes to any of the questions, it is advisable to ask for a medical clearance before engaging in active sports like running. If you are more than 69 years old, ask for a clearance even if you answered no to any of the questions.



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