Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running Emergencies

Running in the Philippines is a challenge. PUV and private vehicles swerving left and right. Cars, motorcycles and bicycles threaten each runners safety during training and especially during races.

Registration for any race includes a waiver of fitness which includes that organizers are not liable for injuries incurred during the race. This means runners should pay more attention to the environment to lessen the chances of injury or accidents.

Most running emergencies are avoidable if runners take extra precaution during runs. Never assume that motorists can clearly see you especially during early hours. It may even be advisable to assume that motorists can not see you running and take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. Run against traffic. Wear bright clothing. These are some rules runners follow to avoid accidents. Running emergencies can occur before, during and after runs. These situations are not necessarily life-threatening however will need urgent attention. I will enumerate and categorize some of the emergencies encountered during runs and provide runners with tips on how to avoid them or, if needed, treat them.

1. Potty Time. Some runners get anxious and go to the comfort room more often. Some to pee but others to move their bowels. REMEDY: Avoid drinking too much coffee before races. Avoid eating too much fiber a day prior to the race. Never over hydrate hours prior to a race. Hydrate the day before. Avoid carbo loading the day prior to a race.

 1. Vehicular Accidents. Once hit by a motorist, always check the areas of impact for bleeding or fractures. Stand or walk after hits in the leg. If unable to stand/walk or pain too severe, DO NOT finish the race and ask other runners for help. Ask for hospital transportation and have a complete evaluation by an emergency Doctor. Never attempt to correct or move fractured bones to prevent additional injury. Keep fractured bones fixed and unmovable using braces. If impact site is bleeding, apply firm pressure on the area and go to nearest hospital for evaluation. 

2. Dizziness / Vertigo or Nausea. Overexertion or undertrained runners sometimes feel lightheaded, dizzy or nauseated during runs. This can be caused by many factors. Lack of rest, hypoglycemia, hypoxia are common. Hypoglycemia can be avoided by not running on a completely fast state (no meals 10-12 hours before a race). Eat a slice of bread or a banana an hour prior to a race to provide energy during races. Hypoxia rarely occurs unless running in high / elevated areas or not breathing enough during runs. Sleep at least 6-8 hours prior to races (although some runners, myself included, still manage to run marathons despite sleeping only 2-4 hours). Uncommon causes include heart problems or hypertensive emergencies. Heart attacks, although commonly present with chest pain, can cause lack of blood supply to the brain and cause dizziness or vertigo. Blood pressure (BP) elevations are normal during runs but uncontrolled hypertension may cause BP elevations to as high as 210/120 mmHg. This can present with chest pain, numbness on any extremity, dizziness, vertigo and nausea. Although Heatstroke can also cause dizziness and vertigo this is not common among shorter races. Wearing appropriate running apparel (singlet, shorts and cap) and adequate hydration help prevent this emergency. 

3. Abdominal Pains. Runners sometimes feel abdominal pain during  runs. It usually occurs at the right side beneath the chest or above the hips. These are commonly due to muscles spasms or lack of blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract (stomach to intestines). If caused by muscles spasms from the chest muscles or abdominal muscles, slow down and maintain a comfortable pace. Use slow, controlled shallow breaths until muscle spasms resolve. Abdominal pain can also be caused by running after a full meal. Blood preferentially goes to the muscles when running depriving the gastrointestinal organs  of adequate perfusion. Avoid running after a full meal. 

4. Cramps and Joint pains. Muscle cramps during races can be caused by multiple factors. Commonly, it is caused by unprepared or unconditioned muscles due to lack of training. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration can also cause muscle cramps. When cramps occur, slow down or stop running, press the muscle for a few seconds then slowly stretch. Avoid overstretching because this can cause the muscles to "Lock-up". Joint pains during runs can be caused by poor technique or inappropriate running shoes. 

1. Fainting / Loss of consciousness. Leg muscles need increased amounts of blood during runs. Blood vessels in the leg dilate and increase blood flow to the exercising muscles. When runners abruptly stop and sit after completing a race, extra amounts of blood in the legs do not recirculate and cause reduced blood flow to the brain. This causes the fainting, dizziness or vertigo after runs when a runner sits and relaxes without stretching or walking to cool down. Fainting can also be caused by hypoglycemia when energy has been depleted after a run. This can be avoided by eating or drinking carbs after a run (bread or juice). More serious causes of fainting includes heart attacks and hypertensive emergencies. Emergency Personnel should be available during races to provide aid to runners who faint. Pulses and blood pressures are checked. If faint or thready, immediate hospitalization is warranted. 

2. Tea-colored Urine. Rehydration after a race or run is vital. Dehydration can cause reduced blood flow to the kidneys and cause acute renal injury. This condition manifests as highly concentrated or sometimes tea-colored urine. When this occurs, hospitalization for intravenous rehydration is advised to avoid permanent kidney damage. Avoid dehydration by drinking water frequently during runs. Thirst is not a reliable sign of hydration while running. It occurs when dehydration has already set in.

Always aim for a SAFE and INJURY-FREE Run.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cebuano ChiRunners

Energy efficiency through relaxation and injury prevention through proper alignment are ChiRunning's main theme. This is accomplished by learning how to run properly and conserve energy. Things that come into play include core muscles use, proper body alignment, forward lean, ankle lift, arm swing, stride length, pelvic rotation and cadence. These were taught and demonstrated by Lit Onrubia who is the only ChiRunning Instructor in the country. Cebuanos, like Abby Ponce and Kenneth Casquejo, were so eager to learn ChiRunning and were fulfilled after the workshop. They will be (CHI)running together with Lit during the CitiRun race this Sunday.

(With Lit is Abby, Amale, Ken, Annie, Jane, Joe France and others)

(Lit telling everybody to relax, mind your posture then lean forward to start the run)
(The only time where running is allowed inside the Waterfront)
(Everybody learning how to lift their ankles)
(Learning Cadence using a Metronome)

If you want to learn ChiRunning just email me at reelraymund@gmail.com for details.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reel Runner meets BALDRUNNER

During my short stay in Manila, had the chance to meet with BALDRUNNER. He awarded me the 1,000 KM Club Finisher Shirt at RUNNR BHS.

A Bald Runner meets BaldRunner

The Reel Runner is officially a member of the BaldRunner 1,000 KM Club.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Just came back from Palawan... SCUBA diving... Recent Posts to follow... See you around.

 (Alexander Jersey)
  (with my Sister, Ren)
 (The Prize - White Tip Shark)
 (The Bonus - Remora)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Updates for April Races!!!

Pinay in Action and Great Lapu-Lapu Run registration opens on Monday March 15, 2010. More details regarding registration at CEBU RACE SCHEDULES page.

ChiRunning Clinic UPDATE

Date:    Mar 25, 2010 (Thursday)
Time:    6pm-9pm
Venue:  TBA (most likely around the Waterfront complex)
Maximum number of participants: 20

REGISTRATION: Please call / visit CitiGYM and ask for Anne Manubag or Julie


What is ChiRunning?
>> ChiRunning is a revolutionary running technique developed by Danny Dreyer that focuses on energy efficiency (through "focused relaxation") and injury prevention (through proper alignment and balance). ChiRunning emphasizes that the correct running form is the foundation for longer, faster, effortless and pain-free running. 

What is the format of the ChiRunning Workshop?
>> The Workshop lasts for about 3 to 3.5 hrs and is divided into two parts, with each part lasting approximately 90-100 mins. Part One discusses Posture, The Lean, Ankle Lift and Arm Swing; and Part Two discusses Gears and Stride Length, Hills, and Cadence. The workshop includes a few kilometers of running. (Please wear your running outfit.)
Is the ChiRunning Workshop for everyone?

>> Absolutely. ChiRunning works for runners of all levels. All you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to learn how to move your body naturally. ChiRunning benefits beginners because it gives them a good foundation to build on before "bad running habits" take shape; and experienced/competitive runners gain a competitive advantage by learning ChiRunning efficiency techniques that will help them run longer and faster without increasing their perceived rate of exertion.

I heard that the Clinic offers a money-back guarantee. Is that true?
>> Absolutely. If at the end of the workshop you feel that ChiRunning will not help you, then please just let me know and I will give your money back, no questions asked. I do not believe in charging people for something that does not benefit them.


FEE: Workshop costs Php 2,000/person.

Lit Onrubia has been running for 13 years and is privileged to be the second Certified ChiRunning Instructor in Asia. He completed and passed his certification in San Diego in Nov 2009 and studied under ChiRunning Master Instructors Chris Griffin (in San Francisco) and Kathy Griest (in San Diego). 

More about ChiRunning at www.chirunning.com

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cobra 70.3 Ironman 2009



Monday, March 8, 2010

Running RUNNR Staff at Quota Run

(RUNNR Cebu Staff Claude, Mark, Rose, Je and Yhaz)

The only running specialty store in Cebu boasts of sales representatives that are runners. Toby Claudio, owner of Toby's and RUNNR store, requires that all of his staff should follow his running advocacy. Lead by Store supervisor Jermine Germino, RUNNR Cebu staff assist all of its clients with all their running needs from footwear to running accessories. They are frequently seen in local races running the 5K category but promises to join the longer races this year. 

(RUNNR Staff with Champion Triathlete Arland Macasieb at the Starting Line)
(RUNNR Staff with Reel Runner and Cebu Top Female Runner Milet Chiongbian)
(Raffy and Renze of RUNNR with Reel Runner, Arland, Lhourace and Noy)

I also joined the Quota Run to support its organizers. I did interval runs during the race instead of a long slow distance (LSD) run since I woke up late and only ran 3.7K prior to the race. I plan to do LSD runs on weekdays instead of weekends since races have been scheduled almost every week and I plan to support all race organizers. I also started swimming and cycling to prepare for my first try at the Triathlon in April. Luckily, Arland Macasieb and Noy Jopson, both champion Filipino triathletes, joined the Quota Run and  I was able to talk with them after the run. They shared tips and taught me a few things regarding triathlons.

The Quota Run was well organized despite the untoward events that occurred. One athlete was hit by a speeding motorcycle and another runner also collapsed after the run. Marshals were adequate and the water did not run dry. The route was challenging with long uphills. Finish times and rank were available immediately after the race. 

Cebu races have improved since last year and distances have increased as more Cebuanos are training for the 21K and 42K distance. I also notice that race turnout is also increasing. It seems that the running virus is still spreading.

(Annie Neric and Reel Runner warm-up chat with friends)
(Good form at UP Cebu area)
(Strong Finish)
(Post-Quota Race Tips from Top Filipino Triathletes)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

MarathonFoodie finishes Bataan Death March



The MarathonFoodie completed the treacherous Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon today. Ranked #88 out of 142 Runners (13 females). FINISH TIME: 17 hours 40 minutes.



Brother Carlo completed the treacherous Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon today. Ranked #17 out of 142 Runners. FINISH TIME: 14 hours 38 minutes.


(Photos courtesy of Brando Losaria)

Friday, March 5, 2010

RUNNR CEBU Pre-Summer Promo


RUNNR Cebu is starting the summer season with discounts and freebies!!!

15% Off!!! All Newton Shoes from March 5-7 ONLY!!!

FREE!!! RUNNR Visor on all purchases of at least P1,500.00 !!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Laughter is the BEST MEDICINE

(Sign courtesy of Dr. J. C. Aranas)

Cebuanos Prefer the 10K and 21K Distance

Based on polls from this site, Cebuano Runners prefer to run the 10K and 21K than any other race distance. I hope our race organizers will accommodate this preference and start planning more 21K races for Cebu. Of course when race distance increases so will the registration fees. More water and marshalls are needed therefore cost will also increase.
Thanks everybody for your votes... See you on the road.

Monday, March 1, 2010


How do you persuade others to run? 

I was not always a runner. I was a gym rat since high school and used to ride my mountainbike to Busay. I play many sports (except Basketball) but am not a master in one. I also have lots of hobbies. But I never imagined myself running a marathon. 

I was unfamiliar with the running scene in Cebu City until one person infected me with the virus, the Running Virus. It was February 2008 when I was just promoted to 2nd year resident in my Internal Medicine Specialty Training. I was really unhealthy during my first year of training since after work only 2 things come into your brain, Bed and Sleep. I also ate my meals before going to bed so I gained weight. When my schedule permitted, I then enrolled in a local gym and started to recondition my body. I was 2 months into PRT training when a friend and consultant asked if I wanted to join a local fun run he was organizing. I used the treadmill at the gym for warm-up but only up to 10-15 minutes per session. Back then, Fun runs were held once a month or less. I was supposed to run a shorter distance but was forced to run the full 10K after hearing the line... "If I can do it with this body so can you." YES, that is what he said. Dr. Alex Junia, Cardiologist, ignited my passion for running.
(33rd MILO Marathon)
He does not look like the regular runner. He frequently jokes "I am in shape, Round is a shape."  He drinks brewed coffee early in the morning to perk him up and likes to eat. He is not on any diet. He is not conscious about his figure. 
 (2nd Rotary Run - Pre-Hong Kong Marathon)
He may not look like any regular runner but never underestimate his determination to run. Dr. Alex Junia has successfully completed 5 full marathons including the recent 2010 Hong Kong Marathon. He never runs to compete and, instead, runs at his own pace. He may look like a slow and heavy runner but Dr. Alex is light on his feet. His 42K finish time improved from more than 6 hours during the Singapore marathon to 5 hours and 18 minutes in the last Hong Kong marathon. Not Bad? You Bet!
(Wearing the Physician Runners of Cebu Singlet)
Just like any other running Doctor, Dr. Alex runs for his health. Despite his figure, he has never experienced the agony of any running injury. Never! Sales attendants at running stores often ask him several times if he really runs. He enjoys watching the faces of surprised friends after learning that he had finished two Singapore Marathons, the 33rd MILO Marathon, the Subic International Marathon and the Hong Kong Marathon.
(with Dr. Dennis Entera, ME and Dr. John Clifford Aranas)
If you see Dr. Alex Junia on the road do not try and outrun him. Instead, run by his side and ask him how he finished all 5 marathons. You will truly enjoy the conversation and finish the run inspired and ready to take on the full marathon. Be one of the many runners influenced and challenged by Dr. Alex Junia. Congratulations Doc!!!



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