Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cebuanos Conquer the Hong Kong Marathon

Walay na-POKOT na Cebuano!!! All Cebuano Runners made the Cut-off time of 5 hours 30 minutes during the 2010 Hong Kong Marathon held today. These runners ran hard and fast. Many made new Personal Records (PR) despite starting late at 7:15am in a hot and humid day.

Among them are veteran CERC members:
1. Alex Junia, MD (42K Finish - 5 hours 18 minutes)
2. Roy Trani - (42K Finish - 5 hours 7 minutes)
3. Rosan Trani, MD - (42K Finish - 4 hours 59 minutes)
4. Emily Estrada, MD - (42K Finish - 4 hours 59 minutes)
5. Kenneth Toledo - (42K Finish - 4 hours 59 minutes)
6. Dodong Sulatre - (42K Finish - 4 hours 24 minutes)  

Congratulations Cebuanos!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Efficient Swimming... My first lesson for the Triathlon

I have always dreamed of joining an Ironman Triathlon Event. I was in College when I rode my mountainbike to Busay every Sunday and sometimes during weekdays. Although I am not a competitive swimmer, I started swimming when I was still in my grade school years. I am now starting to train for my first Triathlon event in April. The course is a 1 Km Swim-30Km Bike and a 7Km Run. I hope to make the swim leg since this is known to be the most difficult part of the race. I stumbled upon this video and am now learning efficient swimming.

"UNGO" on the Loose... Friday Night Runners

I have always associated people who are obsessed with something as "Ungo". When always partying... "Ungo sa Laag". When always drinking beer and any other alcoholic beverages... "Ungo sa inom". When running in the middle of the night instead of sleeping... "Ungo sa dagan". That's what we are. "Friday Night Runners" as SunStar Sportswriter Max Limpag called the group.

It started with only Max and wife Marlen running at 10PM around the streets of Cebu preparing for the Cebu City Marathon. Now, it has grown to more than 10 runners every friday night including some public figures like Kap. Joel Garganera. Others want to gain extra mileage while most of us just want to hang out with friends and update ourselves on the latest running news.

We are "Ungo"... "Ungo sa Dagan" but you can also call us "Friday Night Runnners". Congratulations Max!!!

Photos courtesy of SunStar Photojournalist Alex Badayos

FREE Running Clinic by RUNNR Academy

This is a free running Clinic brought to us by RUNNR Ayala Center Cebu. The schedules are as mentioned. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Newton All-Weather Motion Shoes now Available

(Newton All-Weather Motion Mens)
Runners get wet. We get soaked with sweat after runs. We get drenched in the rain. We get splashed by disrespectful motorist. Our shoes get ruined. If you are using the previous models of Newton shoes, you can easily observe that the shoes are "well-ventilated" and water can easily soil our socks. Not the new All-Weather Newton Motion shoes! They made adjustments to the materials used in previous models and came up with this weather/water-proof model. Nice. Cleaner socks. Better colors too. Comes in black for men and gray for women. Available at RUNNR in all sizes.

(Newton All-Weather Motion Womens)

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Secret to Pain-Free Knees

We all have experienced knee pains after running. I have endured excruciating pain when walking after races. I take glucosamine supplements regularly to provide slight relief of the pain. Glucosamine supplements do not actually reduce the pain sensation, instead they reduce the friction or trauma inside the joints. The pain normally lasts 2-3 days with glucosamine but can last for more than 7 days.

My knees hurt after every race until recently when I started to consistently run forefoot to midfoot. I have strengthened my legs to maintain the position with the help of drills taught to me by my coach. I do my drills and run intervals once a week to increase my speed.

My secret to running with pain-free knees? Perfect Running form. Not the shoes. Not the apparel. The FORM.
1. Slight lean forward
2. Arms flexed at the side swinging forward and backward
3. Head facing front approximately 20 meters
4. Straight and Upright posture (Strong core Muscles)
5. Lift your feet (flex your knees) after foot push off
6. Avoid overstriding
7. Swing thighs forward and land on your Forefoot (if not Midfoot)

(Reel Runner Race Form)
(Another Photo showing Veteran Sub-4 Marathoner Steve Ferraren in his Perfect Race Form.)
 (Land on your Forefoot or Midfoot. Lift your feet and flex your knees.)
(Swing thighs forward with knees flexed. Slight lean forward with upright posture.)
(Land on your midfoot or forefoot with slightly flexed knees and swing arms forward and back.)

If you are constantly troubled by painful knees after races, try training for the ideal running form. You will not only gain speed but enjoy the victory with pain-free knees as well. Good Luck.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rotary Run Insights

The Rotary Run is one of Cebu's well attended Fun Runs. If it weren't for Derek Ramsey running topless in Manila, Cebuanos would not have flown to Manila to join the Century Tuna Race.

I just ran the new 15K course of the 2nd Rotary Run held at SM Cebu today. Race organizer, Kenneth "Asphalt Eater" Casquejo, made sure that this year's race would be bigger and better than last year. With more than 1,800 participants, runners flooded the busy streets of Mabolo, Lahug and Jones as these runners aimed to achieve new personal records. Kids dashed to the finish line as this year's event did not forget to include the younglings. 

The race started on time and caused me to run from the rear of the pack since I came in late. I heard the starting gun fire as I was still preparing my running gear. I ran fast but controlled since I was not able to warm-up for the race. My muscles were cold and my joints were stiff when I started my ascend towards JY Square, Lahug. Instead of climbing at 4:40 pace, I ran at 5:10 pace and dodged every runner in front of me running at slightly lower pace. As my muscles warmed-up and my joints loosened I then increased pace to 4:30 as the course cleared of other runners. I also did short tempo runs of 150-200 meters at 4:20 pace when the course was flat or downhill. I also could not help but smile everytime I hear strangers shouting "Reel Runner" when I passed them during the race. I felt my thigh muscles tighten on my way back to SM causing me to slow down and run at 4:40 pace. I descended towards SM at 4:30 pace and finished number 48 of all 15K runners despite starting late and from the rear of the pack. My unofficial time is 1 hour 15 minutes 38 seconds and was enough to land me to the Top 5 in the Executive Category.

Overall, the race was good but my performance was not. I could have shaved at least a minute of my unofficial time if only I started at the front and had time to warm-up. Anyway, Congratulations to Kenneth Casquejo and the other organizers of the 2nd Rotary Run for a job well done.

Here are photos of friends who participated in the event. 
Reel and Dams
Dr.Junia and Dr.J.C.Aranas
Physician Runners of Cebu
CVGH Family
Reel with Dr.Aranas

Friday, February 19, 2010

REEL RUNNER Core Training Exercise

My recent finish at the "Run with a Smile" 10K race was a surprise. Although I have been running sub-47 10K races last year, I was unsure of making the Sub-47 mark this time since I have not been training for the past few weeks. I was spending more time in the gym lifting weights to build muscle bulk. Advise from Coach Jim Saret pushed me to training my core muscles to improve running efficiency and balance. Luckily, one of my consultants shared with me his core training program which he got from the net. When I was not running, I was working hard on strengthening my core muscles. This, along with my recent discovery of CW-X tights and Newton shoes, helped me achieve my goal. 

This is my Core training program. 

(Video Courtesy of Dr. J.C.Aranas)

1. Core muscles should always be contracted and firm during the entire program.
2. Repeat the entire set of exercises 3x  with 2-3 minute rest in between sets.
3. Focus on maintaining a straight posture.
4. Use Medicine Balls with enough weight to lift 10 repetitions each exercise.
5. Once sets become less difficult, increase number of repetitions first before increasing MedBall weight.
6. Always maintain proper form.
7. Inhale when lifting the ball up and exhale when bringing the ball down.
8. Do dynamic stretches prior to this exercise routine like shoulder rotations, trunk rotations and leg swings.
These exercises supplemented with Plank Training after my workout constitute my trunk/ core training program. You may add sit-ups/ crunches/ leg raises to this regimen.

We are the World

The original version of the song "We are the World"
written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie for Africa

A new version of the song dedicated to all Haiti victims. 

Old version with LYRICS

Physician Runners of Cebu (PRC) Singlets Now Available

Running Doctors of Cebu be Acknowledged!!!

Physician Runners of Cebu (PRC), an open club for doctors, family and friends, already released it first batch of singlets. This is to show Cebuanos and the rest of the country that we (doctors) do follow our own advise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through running and regular diet helps keep our blood pressure low, cholesterol levels within normal and blood sugar levels controlled. 
(we HEAL. we RUN. Love your Doctor)

We not only heal but serve as role models for our community. Our singlets may be worn by friends and family who support our cause.

Available in sizes from XS-XL. Email for orders.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is your foot strike type?

Running from the heart is not that simple. To enjoy a long and injury free running career, we need to take into consideration multiple factors that can affect our runs. Posture or body alignment, training programs and even proper gear. One basic information we must know individually is our foot strike type. It is classified according to where our foot contacts the ground when we run. We are divided into Forefoot Strike, Midfoot strike and heelstrike runners. 
The foot is divided into 3 parts. The Forefoot is primarily occupied by the toes. The Hindfoot or Heel is the area that connects our legs to the foot. In between the heel and the forefoot is the Midfoot.
(HeelStrike Running)
Runners are often not aware of their foot strike type. Most conclude that because walking involves striking with the heel and moving forward to the toes that running is the same only faster. This is not true. Fast runners are forefoot strikers. Runners like Simon Losiaboi use their forefoot to run fast and long. We are not that lucky. Our foot is not as conditioned as Simon's to sustain forefoot running. Most runners use their heel. Heelstriking is the most obvious way of running since this pattern is used when walking. Fast walking is running, right? WRONG. Increasing your pace when walking is not the same as running.
(Forefoot / Midfoot Running)
Current research in sports medicine have focused on determining the cause of leg injuries in running. Since most athletes run to improve endurance, researches are aimed at determining the cause of injuries and finding ways to prevent them. One study in particular claimed that runners who use the heelstrike are more prone to developing injuries than runners who use their forefoot. Striking with the heel causes the force from the impact transmit to the knee and hip causing pain. This is not true with forefoot and midfoot running. When the foot contacts the ground the shear force is reduced by the natural suspension provided by your plantar fascia and in turn help to propel the foot forward. The midfoot / forefoot strike will decrease the strain on your knees and hips and reduce pain when running.
Determining your foot strike type will also help you choose the right shoe. Most shoes, like the Asics Kayano and Kinsei, are designed for heelstriking. They are designed with higher heels to accomodate the gels which function to cushion your heel on impact. Nike and Newton, on the other hand, are developing shoes that promote the Barefoot running principle and focus on forefoot / midfoot running. They claim that the most efficient way to run is to run barefoot. Since natural running uses the midfoot or forefoot strike, cushioning for these shoes are situated at the midfoot area to soften the foot impact.
Before you buy your next pair of running shoes, determine the following:
1. Foot Length (US/UK)
2. Foot width (D/E)
3. Foot Arch (Low/Normal/High)
4. Foot Pronator type (Overpronator/Neutral/Underpronator)
5. Foot Strike type (Heelstrike/Midfoot or Forefoot Strike)

Ask for shoes that appropriately match your foot to ensure an injury free and efficient run. Good Luck.

Chi Running Clinic in CEBU

Runners come in different shapes and sizes. We even run differently. With the common goal of running with efficiency and free of injury, we condition our bodies by training. But even training daily can be detrimental if you are not using the right form. Body upright slightly leaning forward, eyes looking forward around 20 meters, shoulders relaxed at the side, arms flexed 90 degrees and moving forward and back instead of moving to the sides, lift your feet, land lightly and do not overstride are the usual instructions.
Running has many variations. One of which is Chi Running. Developed by Danny Dreyer, it focuses on running with energy efficiency and injury free. It practices proper body alignment and balance combined with focused relaxation for efficiency. It promises longer, faster, effortless and pain-free Runs. 

Just recently, Manila was graced with clinics on Chi Running by Lit Onrubia, the only Chi Running Certified Instructor in the Philippines. He trained on Chi Running in San Diego, California under Chi Running Masters. He is now inviting Cebuanos to join the Chi Running community by attending his workshops.

The clinic, although cost P2,000, is composed of a lecture and training runs that should cover around 3-3.5 hours. The proposed workshop schedule is on March 26-27, 2010 while a training run for all attendees is scheduled during the CITIRun Race on March 28, 2010. Lit will be running with all attendees to check if the principles of Chi Running were applied correctly. He promises to run at easy pace to accomodate all runners. The workshops should not be composed of more than 12 runners to properly supervise all attendees. 

All runners and triathletes of different levels are invited. If interested, please email me at for details.

For more details on Chi Running. Visit

Sunday, February 14, 2010

MIDFOOT Running with Newtons

I smile when I run past friends and when unfamiliar runners shout "REEL RUNNER" during races. I smile when other runners wave at me. But I never smile when I see a camera in front of me during races. Photos never look good when taken with your mouth open. NEVER. Try it. Compare your photos taken with your mouth open and with your mouth closed during races. You will see the difference. 

I joined the "RUN with a SMILE" race this morning and prayed for a SUB-47 10K finish. I am not in my best running condition. I had not ran more than 20K/week for almost a month and gained almost 10 lbs. of muscle in the gym. I have been a GYM RAT since early this year when I transferred to Holiday Gym. I enjoy the new environment. I started swimming in their pool and trained diligently with CORE exercises. RUNS? Not more than 2x a week. I never use the treadmill. I get bored faster than you can say "Holiday Gym and Spa".
I was aiming for a SUB-47 finish since all my 10K runs last year had SUB-47 finish times. My weight is a big factor as well as my lack of mileage. During the race, I easily noted the heavy feeling of running uphill from TESDA to JY Square. I was panting  really hard but I had not lost pace. I was still running a 4'30"/KM pace. My legs seem stronger and my trunk is more stable. If only water glasses had not ran out on the way back, I would not have lost a few seconds when I stopped at water stations and asked for water straight from the pitcher. I was running strong at the Waterfront area on my way back to the finish line. I crossed the finish line 46 mins and 38 seconds after the race started. I was ecstatic. Despite my lack of mileage and obvious weight gain, I still managed to maintain my SUB-47 finish. 
This victory I can attribute to 2 things. First, my shoes. I used my NEWTON MOTION Trainers for the 1st time during a race. They were phenomenal. I never ran like this before. Lifting your feet and landing lightly was never this easy with my other running shoes. I bought my Newton trainers early December and had to slowly get accustomed with the actuator lugs. I am lucky enough to have been a MIDFOOT Strike runner when I started using them. (WARNING: These shoes are not for HEEL STRIKERS. If you are using the heel strike and are using Newtons, I suggest you practice midfoot/ forefoot running or you change your shoes. Improper use of Newton shoes can cause injuries to your knees and calves since the heel area DO NOT have enough cushioning to soften your heel strike.) I slowly increased my mileage using my Newtons from 3K then to 5K and, just recently, 10K. It took me almost 2 months to get used to the feel of running Newtons. I waited until I can complete a sore-free (Calf) 5K before trying to run a 10K. My knees  did not sore either. My CW-X tights  corrected my leg alignment while my midfoot strike and Newtons reduced the  impact in my knees during the race. All of which relieved me of knee pains during and after my race.
Second, CORE STRENGTH. I started training my core muscles after Coach Jim Saret explained to eager Cebuanos the significance of core strength to your running performance. Better form, efficient muscles and stronger runs are its benefits. I do MedBall Core Exercises for warm-up sessions and Plank exercises for cool down during PRT at the gym. My Core Muscles (abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles) never felt this strong ever. I quit doing sit-ups, side bends and cruches to give more time doing my MedBall Program and Plank Exercises every workout session. It is not as boring as the other exercises which works real well for me.
Strong core muscles plus a good running form (with the help of my Newtons) pushed me to achieving my goal. I will be better prepared for my succeeding races as I will start training for distance running this month and gain more mileage. 

REEL RUNNING Formula = Proper Form + Adequate Mileage
+ Speed training

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am a BATMAN Fan

Ever since, I have always been fascinated by Batman. No superpowers. Brilliant. Super Rich. Martial Arts expert Bruce Wayne. Unlike Superman who is has all the best superpowers, Batman only works with what he can do as a human being. He also does not fear heights. 
 Maybe I should start running with a batsuit. His belt has everything. Maybe one or two hydration bottles would fit just right behind the explosives. Especially when your chasing villains like the Catwoman. I guess we all want to wear the costume right? Or maybe I am trying to run like the Bat. I hope CW-X makes a cape so I can run like BATMAN. hahahaha
This coming Sunday, I will join the Fun run organized by the Cebu Dental Society. I am thinking of wearing full compression apparel by Nike and CW-X and run a sub-47 10K despite my obvious weight gain. I hope I can do it. If Batman can, so can I. 

REST is every athlete's secret weapon

Training for any sport needs discipline, diligence and perseverance. Discipline to wake up early every day and train, diligence to complete the daily scheduled activity and perseverance to continue training until you see results. People do not become athletes overnight. Months to years of training makes an athlete.

We often follow training programs from known athletes in any sport. Body building regimens by Ron Coleman, Endurance training from Ryan Hall, and even Running drills from local athletes like Vertek Buenavista. These athletes have spent most of their lives training. We follow their regimens religiously and yet see no results. Our muscles do not grow as big, endurance not as long and speed not fast enough. What is the missing link? 
A lot of factors affect your gains in every program. Vital to any training regimen is REST. Athletes train all day and rest at least 6-8 hours every day. Unlike regular people who work all day and train after, we often sacrifice time to rest for training days. This not only detrimental to your training but will predispose you to injuries as well. Rest is very important in that muscles, stressed during progressive resistance training, running, swimming or cycling, recover when we rest. They build better and repair faster when we give them time to do so. The lesser your rest days the lesser your gains. Rest days do not necessarily mean not training at all. Pro-Runners rest by cross training to swimming or cycling and body builders rest by doing cardio exercises. Doing other exercises at a lower intensity other than the ones you train daily is RESTING.
Let your body heal after intense training. Your muscles will develop better and faster. Include recovery days in your training program. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CitiRun Announced


(Click CEBU RACE SCHEDULES for Details)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM CEBU... Condura Results out now

Team Cebu did it!!! All Cebuanos finished the Condura Run for the Dolphins and with good finish times. Kudos guys. See you back in Cebu.
RESULTS ARE OUT!!! Check them OUT. 
Download results here:

Photos from Facebook of Runners
(Dr.Yong, James and Dr. Peter) 
(Harty, Ian and Joel)
(JF, Annie, Ken and other Cebuano Runners)
(Marlen, Max and Dr. Eleanor)
(Jane-Jane and Noy)
(Couples Neric and Casquejo)
(Max in Newtons and Marlen)
(Annie and JF with Pat Conception - Condura Organizer)
(Hey!!! Is that me?)



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