Monday, November 30, 2009

Cebu Midnight Run... We run in the dark only once a year

Midnight is no time for running. Accidents are bound to happen. Except for the safest and only night time run in Cebu. Its route is within Ayala Business Park and most of its streets are closed during the run. Assembly starts at 10:00 PM December 12,2009 at City Sports Club and starting gun sets off at exactly 12:00 midnight December 13,2009.

The experience is unique. I joined last year's race and finished the almost 4Km route (No 10K category) in 20 minutes. Streets were devoid of traffic except for runners racing towards the bright City Sports Club. The venue was marked with a BIG BRIGHT STAR in herald of the Christmas Season. After the Run, we were served "snacks" inside the facility which were unexpectedly big portions of chicken and rice. Hot Coffee was free as well as cold drinks. Because this was the only local race held at midnight, runners can not help but take pictures of the rare sights. Flashes from cameras came from every direction and I was also compelled to take photos of my friends who joined me in the race. PHOTO: CVGH Runners (Standing L-R) Tonyo, Tabing, James, Me, Ronald, Dr.Alex, Dr. Dennis, (Sitting L-R) Andrew and Beloy.
This year, due to the expected high turnout of runners, the organizers announced  a limit of only 400 runners to the ensure safety of all participants. This is a MUST-RUN race. Registration has already started at Phil.Sports Commission (PSC) Region 7 at Abellana Sports Complex. I suggest you register as early as possible if you do not want to miss this race.

See you there!!!  NO FLASHLIGHTS NEEDED.

Published Sunstar Cebu "On the Road" December 3, 2009.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Chip for you from the Cebu Executive Runners Club

The most awaited running event in Cebu will be promoted by the most awaited running store in Cebu.

It was final. The Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC), organizers of the Cebu City Marathon (CCM), announced that it will use ChampionChip technology to collect finish times of every 21K and 42K finisher. This chip is secured to your shoes using your shoe laces and may be used under all weather conditions. These are used frequently in big races covering a distance of 21K or more. Despite its cost, this chip will ensure a better experience for first timers since the official time will be readily available. The only drawback to this technology is when the runner fails to pass the checking mat and miss the checkpoint. Disqualified the runner is.

Registration has begun and a bigger turnout is expected. Runners from Cebu may register at Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone and Cebu  City Sports Center (PSC Office) while Manila runners may register at RUNNR Shop at Bonifacio High Street. Arrangements are made for those runners who come from outside Cebu or Manila. As mentioned, ChampionChip Technology are costly thus registration fees for 21K and 42K runners have increased. All participants will receive a singlet and race packet upon registration but only the 42K finishers will receive a medal.

As expected, runners preparing for the Cebu City Marathon have been training and are eagerly waiting for the opening of the 1st specialty running shop in Cebu, RUNNR. Situated at the Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone, this store answers most of our runner dreams. I would personally recommend that every CCM participant be assessed at RUNNR for the proper shoe type in order to give the runner enough time to prepare and get acquainted with his/her new shoes. NEVER RACE IN NEW SHOES. Run at least 50-70K with your new shoes before using them in a race. Especially if you are running in NEWTON shoes.

As part of the CCM preparations, CERC have conducted running clinics to help first time marathoners get over their fears of the race. Lectures and demonstrations were conducted to enhance the knowledge of the wannabee first timer.

December 5th is a runner's holiday. No Cebuano runner should miss the opportunity of joining the last running clinic CERC is offering. This will be conducted in cooperation with RUNNR Shop Cebu and will formally launch its opening. Rumors of guest speakers from RUNNR Manila are circulating but no details have yet been announced. These next few days will be exciting as both RUNNR Cebu and CERC are expected to announce the event. As for now, we wait. Again!!!

More details on the Cebu City Marathon at  and more details regarding RUNNR Shop at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simultaneous Races in Cebu will ruin our Running Community

Late this year, the "Running virus" has been an epidemic and is spreading faster than the AH1N1 virus. It does not choose its victim. It infects younglings, not so younglings, health buffs / athletes, executives and even night owls who run races after a rave party. These addicts flock in sports/ athletic stores and obsess on buying the latest gadgets and equipments to help improve their game. They eagerly wait for the opening of the much anticipated RUNNR shop Cebu. They read running blogsites (like this one) and talk to other runners about long runs, racing schedules, training programs and the upcoming Cebu City Marathon.

Racing 3K's then 5K's and 10K's constantly cloud our minds. We form running packs and call ourselves funny names just to keep our morale and spirits high. We endure the pain of running and constantly push our bodies to the limit. These running freaks are constantly seen running side by side in the oval of the Abellana sports complex. There they plan their next venture and choose among the various races posted in large tarpoline ads. 

Races help newbie runners gauge their performance or improvements as well as give them a chance to run amuck in the busy streets of Cebu. It opens their eyes to the beauty of the streets of Cebu which are often concealed with smog. 

Races will continue to prosper as long as Cebuano runners run the same race. We swarm and run one route to the finish line and cause little mishap. Multiple weekend races staged on the same day and time in one City will not only baffle runners but also vex the driving traffic. Because scenic routes are expected, multiple races tend to follow the same path and converge. These will confuse runners and race marshalls alike. 

The Cebu City government should approve and schedule only one race every weekend. This will help organizers prepare better for the race and assemble a larger crowd. All Runners will run one race on weekends and enjoy it more. More sights, more challengers, more babble, more smiles = SEE YOU IN NEXT WEEK'S RACE. 

The RUNNING VIRUS spreads when we cluster... It dies when we disperse.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ideal Running Form...

Strength and Speed training has improved my running form....



See the difference?

Thank you Coach...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RUNNR RUNNR in Ayala Mall, What's the Best Shoe of them All?

Running shoes do not last forever. Some authors suggest to replace shoes after 300-500 kilometers but this is actually inaccurate. The best time to buy a new pair is when you start feeling sore or pain after using them. Their lifespan is dependent not only on your total mileage but also on your body structure. I am a medium-sized runner (<170 lbs) and need stability shoes for my low arch foot. I also need my running shoes to to have enough cushioning to avoid too much stress on my heels and knees. Elite runners use RACERS (light-weight running shoes, <10 ounces) while well built runners >170 lbs are advised properly cushioned shoes. It is emphasized that buying the right pair of running shoes will not only depend on the length of your foot but also on the width (D,2E,4E), arch type (low, normal, High) and running form (overpronator, neutral and underpronator/supinator). Therefore, when contemplating on buying new shoes you must ask the store attendant to recommend a shoe that is perfect for your foot, e.g. Reel Runner: size 9.5 US, width D, stability shoe with enough cushioning. Shoe Appearance/ Design/ Color is also important however should not be the first priority.

More often, when visiting your local shoe store, sales attendants (especially in SM or Gaisano Mall) have no idea of what runners actually mean. These people were never trained nor briefed on the proper classification of running shoes. Luckily, specialty shops for running are available. Most of them will have trained staff and enough products to provide for every runner's request. However, some are better than others. One of which is the famous running shop in Manila appropriately named RUNNR. Owned and managed by Toby Claudio (also the owner of another sports shop, TOBY's), this shop has catered to every runner's needs and wants. Situated at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, they have satisfied many runners from Metro Manila and have become a landmark in the running community. These people provide up-to-date products and training to runners of every level. Beginners, advanced and elite runners are advised proper footwear, apparel and training to achieve their best PR (Personal Record) and remain injury free. Proper foot and gait analysis using cutting-edge technology (Footworx Fitting Process) are utilized to offer runners accurate shoe recommendations. They also provide customized running insoles (using FlashFit technology) while you wait. Products offered include popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, Asics, New Balance, Polar, Oakley, Garmin, Hammer gels, CW-X, Skins and are the only distributor of the renowned Newton running shoes. This store is a must-visit for every filipino runner.

Fortunately for us, Toby Claudio figured that one RUNNR shop was not enough to satisfy all filipino runners and that Cebu was an ideal location for its second branch. He commented "All major cities in the world should have a running specialty store" and added "Cebu is one of those major cities where running is a fast growing sport". John Pages (Cebu Sports Blog) even described running in Cebu as a virus spreading faster than AH1N1. Toby also mentioned that he often catered to many "Bisaya" runners in his BHS shop. His only apprehension is that Cebu might be taken aback by the shop's prices. He explained that RUNNR offers its products at the same price as other sports shops and that some may even be cheaper. Indeed, buying 1 perfect pair of shoes is cheaper and more practical than buying 3 unsuitable pairs. 

"Equipments had to be ordered and shipped from abroad", he mentioned, thus delaying its much anticipated Cebu Branch opening. This time, he is confident that RUNNR will serve and satisfy all Cebuanos on the the first week of December. Providing us with all the products and services the first branch offered and probably more.

Personally, I have been saving to buy new running shoes and is anxiously waiting for their opening. I have been wanting to try out the much criticized Newton Shoes and compare it with the famous Asics Kayano or GT series.

Happy Feet, Happy Heart, Light Wallet.... for Christmas 2009. Thank you RUNNR!!! 

For more information regarding RUNNR, visit

Monday, November 9, 2009

RUNNR Wishlist

RUNNR Shop is opening in AYALA ACTIVE ZONE this month... I hope they have the stuff I want for Christmas... in November

According to Priority:

1. Reassess my foot type / running type

2. Freebies (Opening Day) - they gave away 4 running shoes when they opened in BHS

3. Asics GT-2140 shoes

or Newton Motion Stability Trainers 

4. CW-X Ventilator Tights

5. Asics Intensity Hydration belt 

6. More Kinesio Tapes

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kineseo-Taping is the new elastic bandage

Inflammation caused by stress will present with pain and tenderness, swelling, redness, heat associated with loss of joint range. After running, repetitive stress to the lower extremities, specifically the knees, will cause micro-trauma and inflammation. This will cause the post run feeling of soreness as well as difficulty in walking. It is advised to practice preventive measures to stop progression of this inflammation and later cause osteoarthritis. Physical therapists like myself have used basic principles in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. These principles include joint protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation (PRICE).

The use of the PRICE treatment will help prevent post-run muscle soreness, knee/ ankle swelling and pain on movement or activity in the involved joints. Rest and elevation of both legs will help relax tense muscles and promote recovery. Ice treatment is specific for acute treatment in that it is applicable only during the 1st 48 hours after the injury and then replaced with heat therapy thereafter. Joint protection and compression helps in muscle recovery in that it prevents further injury and facilitates repair of damaged muscle, joint or ligament. Joint braces, supports, athletic tapes and sleeves are employed to provide both compression and protection.

Kinesio Taping was developed in Japan around 25 years ago and yet had only recently been practiced.

It employs the use of an elastic tape which can facilitate joint movement and yet protect it at the same time. Unlike your usual athletic tape which prevents joint movement, Kinesio tapes actually provide protection while facilitating controlled movement of the joint. This can promote faster healing and recovery of affected joints. My cousins in the U.S. (almost all of them are therapists like me) practice kinesio taping. They even brag about undergoing workshops or training on how to properly use this modality. I, on the other hand, have reduced the practice of Kinesio taping to self-experimentation.

I had recently ran a marathon and as part of my recovery I had scheduled an easy run of around 10 kilometers. Because of my eagerness to run, I deliberately increased my speed to almost 10K pace for about 3 kilometers in the middle of my easy run. This caused a slight pain at my left sole and eventually developed into plantar fascitiis. This could have been caused by my abrupt increase in speed, a change from midfoot to forefoot running style or a lack of support from my nike lunarglides. Apart from the usual ice and bandages I decided to experiment on using kinesio tapes I bought at RUNNR shop a few weeks back. I watched videos and read manuals on how to properly apply kinesio tapes in plantar fascitiis and applied them. I did not notice any immediate effect but my recovery was shortened from at least 3 days to only 2 days. After 3 days of using the tapes, I was able to do an easy run of around 7K followed by a 13K LSD run 2 days after. I was convinced. Kinesio tapes work! I noticed that kinesio tapes do allow a certain range of motion unlike conventional static tapes and may be used continuously during activity.

For more details on kinesio taping visit SportMed Info.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Quest that was the Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM)

Running a marathon is addicting. Oftentimes you hear a marathoner (someone who had already finished a marathon) talking about his last marathon and ending the conversation with a plan to run another marathon in 2-3 months. James Go, a running addict, even wears a singlet that says "Running is my natural high". As a physician, I have absolutely no idea how this sport can be addicting. It will strain your entire lower extremity almost to the point of injury and get chafed, cramps, joint pains and muscle soreness for days. And yet we do it. Running the actual 42 Kilometer Race is the fun part. The torture lies in the training or preparation that occurs 3-6 months before the race. Early morning runs at 3AM. Long Slow Distance (LSD) runs on weekends. Interval and tempo runs on weekdays. Weekly Mileage increased from a recreational jogger of 20-30 Km/week to a determined Runner of 50-60 Km/week. 

I started training for the Quezon City International Marathon(QCIM) around 1 month after I ran the Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations. Because It was already my second try at the marathon I was expecting a better trained body and an even more determined mind. I ran 50-60 Km/ week with frequent uphill runs to Busay. After a few weeks of higher mileage, I noticed that I was getting faster even though I never did any tempo or interval runs. I quit joining weekly fun runs and only raced in the Runs with a specific category for Doctors. 
I was astonished when my 10Km personal record (PR) of 49m:47s (March 2009 - DocFit Run Manila) was reduced to a 44m:20s finish which landed me in 3rd place Doctor's Category (August 2009 - CDUH 4th University Run Cebu). I had cut down my 10Km PR by 5mins after training for the Milo marathon. I read in a running article that a marathon finish can be predicted by multiplying your 10K PR by 5 or your 21K PR by 2 plus 10 mins. Both these formulas predict a strong 42K finish of 3h:50s. This was my basis for the 4h:30m:00s finish during the QCIM. I had expected ample supplies of food, water and support for the QCIM because it was organized by a well established Running Org and because it was Quezon City's first International Marathon. I was wrong. Not only did they have inadequate water, fluids and food, they also planned out a "Marathon from Hell" as Pres. Jessie Taborada of CERC described.
The route was hilly with steep uphill climbs and without WATER!!! A lot of my co-runners (including me) from Cebu experienced cramps, excluding runner Haide Acuna who was used to running the Hills of Banawa. I finished the race only 10 seconds better than my first marathon and endured almost 20 kilometers of running with cramps. I kept repeating "When your legs hurt, Run with your Heart" (my singlet design) as well as "Suck it up!!!" during the last 5 km of the race and this helped me ignore the excruciating pain in both my legs. After almost 5 hours of "FUN", I did it. I finished the "Marathon from HELL". No medication can replace the instant pain-free feeling of being rewarded a FINISHERS MEDAL after a marathon.The sight of a 42K Finishers Medal after a race like the QCIM will surely make a runner ecstatic. Despite the 4h:55m:47s finish, I was elated. It was not an easy route. The support was injurious. But I persevered. I went home happy and ready to race another marathon. This time, the Cebu City Marathon in January 2010. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

1st Dr. Jacinto Velez,Sr. Memorial Fun Run

All Cebu Runners, Velez College and CIM Students and Alumni, CVGH Employees and FRIENDS are INVITED!!!


November 22, 2009
Assembly time: 5:00 AM
Assembly Area: Velez Gym (A.Villanueva St. , F.Ramos St. Cebu City)

Start Time: 5:30 AM
Categories:  3K / 5K / 10K / 10K MD   Mens and Womens 

Registration: P150.00 (Inclusive of Singlet and Race Bib)
Register at:
1. Dr. Dennis Entera Clinic, Room 201, Cebu (Velez) General Hospital 
Tel. no: (032) 253-2117
2. Dr. James Guardiario Clinic, Room 203, Chong Hua Medical Arts Center
Tel no: (032) 253-9646

Or call:
(CVGH) Dr. Dennis Entera: 0922-8210157
(CHH) Dr. James Guardiario: 0922-8244002
(CVGH) Dr. Raymund Bontol: 0922-8266865

Proceeds will go to the CIM Charity and Scholarship Fund


RACE DIRECTOR: Dr. Dennis Entera
ORGANIZER: Cebu Road Runners Club



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Call / Text / Email: (0922)826-6865