Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RUNNR RUNNR in Ayala Mall, What's the Best Shoe of them All?

Running shoes do not last forever. Some authors suggest to replace shoes after 300-500 kilometers but this is actually inaccurate. The best time to buy a new pair is when you start feeling sore or pain after using them. Their lifespan is dependent not only on your total mileage but also on your body structure. I am a medium-sized runner (<170 lbs) and need stability shoes for my low arch foot. I also need my running shoes to to have enough cushioning to avoid too much stress on my heels and knees. Elite runners use RACERS (light-weight running shoes, <10 ounces) while well built runners >170 lbs are advised properly cushioned shoes. It is emphasized that buying the right pair of running shoes will not only depend on the length of your foot but also on the width (D,2E,4E), arch type (low, normal, High) and running form (overpronator, neutral and underpronator/supinator). Therefore, when contemplating on buying new shoes you must ask the store attendant to recommend a shoe that is perfect for your foot, e.g. Reel Runner: size 9.5 US, width D, stability shoe with enough cushioning. Shoe Appearance/ Design/ Color is also important however should not be the first priority.

More often, when visiting your local shoe store, sales attendants (especially in SM or Gaisano Mall) have no idea of what runners actually mean. These people were never trained nor briefed on the proper classification of running shoes. Luckily, specialty shops for running are available. Most of them will have trained staff and enough products to provide for every runner's request. However, some are better than others. One of which is the famous running shop in Manila appropriately named RUNNR. Owned and managed by Toby Claudio (also the owner of another sports shop, TOBY's), this shop has catered to every runner's needs and wants. Situated at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, they have satisfied many runners from Metro Manila and have become a landmark in the running community. These people provide up-to-date products and training to runners of every level. Beginners, advanced and elite runners are advised proper footwear, apparel and training to achieve their best PR (Personal Record) and remain injury free. Proper foot and gait analysis using cutting-edge technology (Footworx Fitting Process) are utilized to offer runners accurate shoe recommendations. They also provide customized running insoles (using FlashFit technology) while you wait. Products offered include popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, Asics, New Balance, Polar, Oakley, Garmin, Hammer gels, CW-X, Skins and are the only distributor of the renowned Newton running shoes. This store is a must-visit for every filipino runner.

Fortunately for us, Toby Claudio figured that one RUNNR shop was not enough to satisfy all filipino runners and that Cebu was an ideal location for its second branch. He commented "All major cities in the world should have a running specialty store" and added "Cebu is one of those major cities where running is a fast growing sport". John Pages (Cebu Sports Blog) even described running in Cebu as a virus spreading faster than AH1N1. Toby also mentioned that he often catered to many "Bisaya" runners in his BHS shop. His only apprehension is that Cebu might be taken aback by the shop's prices. He explained that RUNNR offers its products at the same price as other sports shops and that some may even be cheaper. Indeed, buying 1 perfect pair of shoes is cheaper and more practical than buying 3 unsuitable pairs. 

"Equipments had to be ordered and shipped from abroad", he mentioned, thus delaying its much anticipated Cebu Branch opening. This time, he is confident that RUNNR will serve and satisfy all Cebuanos on the the first week of December. Providing us with all the products and services the first branch offered and probably more.

Personally, I have been saving to buy new running shoes and is anxiously waiting for their opening. I have been wanting to try out the much criticized Newton Shoes and compare it with the famous Asics Kayano or GT series.

Happy Feet, Happy Heart, Light Wallet.... for Christmas 2009. Thank you RUNNR!!! 

For more information regarding RUNNR, visit www.runnr.com.ph

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