Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why do you RUN?

I run because...

when I run my mind is empty and I focus only on the road ahead.

Share your reason for running.
Comment. Thanks.


One of Cebu's Triathlon teams needs sponsors. The Team is composed of 4 males and a single female runner, swimmer and cyclist. They are TEAM REBORN. (for the complete list of team members click HERE)

The team was recently blessed when one major sponsor offered to provide the entire team with uniforms. FRS Real Energy Supplement , which the team frequently uses, offered to sponsor the team and help promote the healthy and active lifestyle. Their brand / logo will be clearly visible in front of our uniforms. But our trisuits are still empty. We need other sponsors who want to promote their products which are consistent with the ideals of a healthy and active lifestyle. Sponsor products will be promoted in all running and cycling races in which the Team is participating and during team training.

If you want to have your products / services promoted, contact Raymund @ (0922) 826-6865 or email me at reelraymund@gmail.com. 

(Team with Coach Noy Jopson after Naga-Uling Ride)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


With all the weekly running races scheduled in Cebu it is not unusual that many will want to experience other forms of endurance sports. Some swim while others Bike. A few do all three. 
Modern Triathlon started in California, USA however was made famous in Hawaii when an argument between who has the most endurance was started. Navy personnel suggested to combine all 3 long distance races in Hawaii into one big event. They merged the 3.86Km swim of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, 185Km bike of the Around-Oahu Bike Race and the 42.195Km run of the Honolulu Marathon. They then called the first person to finish the course "The Ironman".
Not many athletes start out good in all three sports. Training, for all three sports, is not only strenuous to our body but demand so much time as well. 
This coming Sunday, Danao City will host another triathlon race. Cyclists, Runners and swimmers will join and race alongside Filipino Ironman Champion Noy Jopson and other elite triathletes. Most will join and complete the course individually but some may team up and carry out separate tasks. One will swim, the other will Bike and another will run. Not only will it be a new experience for all three members but will be a test of each others bond. 
Join a triathlon race as a RELAY TEAM. Rally up your friends who can swim, bike or run and experience another rush of excitement. The TEAM can choose between 2 distance events. The Sprint distance consist of a 750m swim, 30Km bike and 7.5Km run while the Standard/ Olympic distance will cover 1.5Km swim, 40Km bike and a 10K run. 
Register on-site starting at 6am at the Danao Fish Port where all the events start. The race usually starts at 7:30AM in the Danao Pier. The Transition zone will be at the pier as well as the finish line. 

See you this Sunday!!! And do not forget to enjoy the Race!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Become a Hero

Running has many purposes. Many run to stay healthy. Others run to lose weight. Some run to reduce stress. Few run for publicity. Rare is the runner who do it for others. 
(Ken during his missions in Iraq)
Army officer Kenneth Tenebro runs for his U.S. Army brothers. Wounded soldiers need constant financial support and Ken helps them by running for charity. How? For every kilometer ran others donate money. The more he runs races across the world, the more money he provides for his wounded brothers. That is why Ken runs a full marathon every month starting last year. He is a Hero. 
(Ken during the L.A. Marathon)
We now have a chance to help those who are in need. A chance to be called a Hero.

Run for charity. Whether it be for Bebe who is fighting Nasopharyngeal cancer. Or children who can not afford shoes. Or the homeless Children. You choose.

Run for Bebe

34th MILO Marathon

Be someone's Hero. Run for a Cause. 

See you on the Road.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

UPDATES: Planet Sports Run

Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone and Planet Sports Ayala want to promote the running lifestyle with a Fun Run. Scheduled on June 27, 2010, the Planet Sports Run will have prizes and lots of giveaways to all its participants. Race Director Joel Baring expects 1,500 runners to join the event. Some Planet Sports products will also be raffled off during the event. Once Registered, the runner may avail and use the 20% discount coupon attached to the race bib. The discount may be claimed at Planet Sports Ayala at its new location at the Active Zone. To promote more participants to shop at Ayala Active Zone, they will be giving away free Planet Sports Run registrations to all shoppers who accumulated P 1,000 worth of items bought at ANY Ayala Center Active Zone Shop. Shop at Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone and Run the Planet Sports Run.

The Planet Sports Run presscon held yesterday at Big Mao also announced another event to promote Cycling in Cebu.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looney Tunes Run Results


500 M Girls (4 yrs. Old and below)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            66 MIKELE JOPSON                2’41”48
2nd            05 ALYSSA CONCEPCION            2’48”34
3rd            67 JASH SHAY JUAREZ                2’58”70
4th            94 REIGHN ELISALI ANGANA            3’08”11   
5th            23 DENISE HEART BARINO            3’11”47
6th            44 SAVANNAH CHIONGBIAN            3’18”11
7th            51 ZURIELLE KENZIE GALO            3’27”34
8th            56 RICA ELIANNA                    3’34”28
9th            75 DONNA JACQUE RAMA            3’45”17
10th            98 RUDELA ZAM BASILISCO            3’58”99

500 M Boys (4 yrs. Old and below)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            26 COLE ANDREI UNSON            2’22”87
2nd            25 KURT CERI HIPOLITO            2’28”94
3rd            104 SCHNEIDER VILDOSOLA            2’33”57
4th            20 JORGE PETER BERTULFO            2’38”11
5th            101 DOMINIC CRAIG CARPIO            2’43”45
6th1            22 BERNARD SEBASTIAN COLINA        2’50”54
7th            78 IVAN MALIXI                    2’53”11
8th            21 ARIEL ESTIOLA                    2’58”57
9th            102 JOHN GABRIEL ROMERO            3’03”14
10th            80 ALEXANDER SURBAN                3’44”11

1km Girls (5-7 yrs. Old)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            333 MARY JOY LOBERANIS            4’34”95
2nd            233 KATE BARCENAS                5’07”48
3rd            279 ANGELA JAMIE TAN                5’22”32
4th            399 BARBARA ANNE CULLEN            6’17”54
5th            400 FRANCSEZKA VILDOSOLA            6’45”11
6th            241 IYA RAVINA                    7’11”77
7th            211 DOROTHY CASTANIAGA            7’45”67
8th            231 CHIARA MARI HERMONILLA        8’02”33
9th            217 SAMANTHA CHIAN                8’10”32
10th            314 LYKA ISABEL REMEDIO            8’13”54

1km Boys (5-7 yrs. old)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            203 OLLIE GABRIEL TADLIP            5’34”14   
2nd            292 ENRICKE RUBIC                5’45”48
3rd            224 JOHN NINO AMALLA            5’47”33
4th            240 PIPAY NAVA                    5’50”21
5th            379 VINCE OZANAM LAMPARAS         5’55”56
6th            355 ROBERT JOHN MAYAM            6’32”88
7th            227 JUAN CLIMACO                6’45”09
8th            235 VHARON ESCASINAS                6’49”11
9th            232 IMMANUEL YPON                6’57”67
10th            212 SEAN RYAN PAHAGANAS            7’45”34

1km BOYS (8-9 yrs. Old)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            549 LEO GABRIEL MAQUILING            4’14”07   
2nd            547 YUAN CHIONGBIAN                4’24”51
3rd            507 ROMEO KIRBY LEDESMA            5’23”84
4th            503 ROMMEL PRINCE IGNACIO         5’44”91
5th            570 ENRICO RAMZEE TIONGKO        5’58”64
6th            684 JOHN VELOSO                    6’13”45
7th            683 FRANCIS SNARE                6’44”87
8th            546 KEVIN SANDOVAL                6’56”09
9th            597 NICHOLAS LEONOR                7’11”84
10th            599 MICHAEL BORIS                7’01”27

1km GIRLS (8-9 yrs. Old)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            561 NATASHA RAE CENIZA            5’58”34
2nd            557 ANGELY LOPERA                6’00”35
3rd            510 NIKKI YU                    6’08”22
4th            569 AUDREY THERESE VALLES        7’06”42
5th            576 NAOMI SILARIO                8’08”01
6th            404 DINNA NICOLE LAURENTE        8’58”22
7th            592 TRACY PATRIQUE MUNOZ            9’11”53
8th            594 MARY FAITH BEATRICE TADLIP        9’18”96
9th            551 LIANNE CANARES                9’58”33
10th            542 CLAIRE ANN WENCESLAO            10’17”24

1.5 km Girls (10-12 yrs. Old)

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            624 JUNESSA ATILLO                6’11”44   
2nd            710 QUEENHE ROSE YGOT            6’45”03
3rd            603 MAE PETITE REVASO            7’29”66
4th            722 LORRAINE ABERIA                7’32”34
5th            681 SARAH QUIAMCO                7’35”77
6th             613 EMALYN NICOLE PIMENTEL        7’38”09
7th            721 RENEE ALIANA LAO                7’42”50
8th            732 MIKHAELA RUBIC                7’50”32
9th            685 EUPHRELAINCE PONCE            7’55”12
10th            602 JOYCE ESTELLE GARGANERA        8’01”45

1.5 km Boys (10-12 yrs. Old)

Rank            Name                                Time
1st            697 CHRIS MATTHEW COMENDADOR        5’03”11   
2nd            682 JUSTIN CHIONGBIAN                5’09”22
3rd            709 BRETT TABANAS                    5’18”79
4th            707 ALEXIS YLANAN                    5’20”09
5th            730 JOHANNES JULES VILDOSOLA            5’22”63
6th            712 BRYAN HONG                        5’34”12
7th            793 ELTON JOHN YU                    5’35”79
8th            753 ENRIQUE DAVID NAVARRO III            5’48”23
9th            754 CLINT CYRON PEPITO                6’01”11
10th            714BIENVENIDO CIMAFRANCA            6’18”22

3km Men Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            1919 ROY VILLAHERMOSA            11’25”26
2nd            1567 KENNETH GABANTAN            12’08”18
3rd            1566 JOHNREY CAPURAS                12’59”30
4th            1552 ROY SISON                    13’35”97
5th            1904 JANTHER EDAR                13’48”54
6th            1958 HARRY                        13’49”63
7th            1574 MARK ANTHONY PLANDO        15’01”13
8th            1913 PHILIPPE MONTALBAN            15’45”30
9th            1538 CEASAR AUGUSTUS AMIGO        15’50”36
10th            1957 FLOYD                       
3km Women Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            1710 NAO IDIO                    14’11”78
2nd            1909 TRICIA MAE LAPASARAN            15’23”33
3rd            1546 ROMYLIN NINA IGNACIO            18’09”06
4th            1912 PHILLINE MONTALBAN            18’49”50
5th            1907 ANGIE LUMAKANG                18’57”39
6th            1661 YVETTE TO CHIP                19’12”01
7th            1998 SELMA                        19’48”79
8th            1676 LEONORA CALIJAN                20’09”65
9th            1839 ALEXANDRIA LLAMASARES        20’21”56
10th            1532 LORNA CABATINGAN            21’45”84

5km Women Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            1114 MILLETTE CHIONGBIAN            22’38”83   
2nd            0859 KRESHA MAE YGOT                24’32”62
3rd            1116 ALLEGRETTI, ARREN            26’01”60
4th            970 HELEN PALMA                28’35”5
5th            908 CELESTINA LIM                      29’44”56
6th            858 TRICIA MARIE DINGCONG            29’49”37
7th            849 MARLISA THARA CAPURAS            29’50”78
8th            1358 MARISSA YAP                    30’29”07
9th            1095 IRIS GONZALES                32’35”72
10th            905 CHARO DELOS REYES            32’35”85

5km Men Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            1073 LEODAN MORALES                24’09”26
2nd            1031 CHRISTIAN YU                24’17”82   
3rd            1254 CHRISTOPHER CEDENIO            24’26” 67
4th            1108 LOUIE MARK PERTANO            24’34”22           
5th            978 LANCE KEVIN CHEN            25’15”25
6th            94 KENNETH DEL ROSARIO            25’31”11
7th            1072 ERIC AGATON                25’44”43
8th            914 LINO BERINGER                27’38”99
9th            1230 RENEBOY BURALA                28’11”44
10th            840 PEDRITO CASTANIAGA            29’54”77
10km Women Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            2555 MARY GRACE    DELOS SANTOS        37’19”20
2nd            2258 MARY JOY TABAL                38’57”95
3rd            2021 MERLYN ALIN                43’23”09
4th            2559 LORHIZ ECHAVEZ                44’51”56
5th            2482 EMERALDE HERMOSILLA            51’36”74
6th            2576 MARY ANN BENEDICTO            52’10”26
7th             2254 MELINDA PONCE                 52’58”55
8th            2471 JANE-JANE ONG                54’00”36
9th             2191 ROSE ANGELIE AMORES            59’08”96
10th            2561 LLEGO, IRENE                59’19”14
10km Men Open

Rank            Name                            Time
1st            2521 SIMON LOSIABOI                31’45”57   
2nd            2556 MENDEL LOPEZ                31’52”68
3rd            2259 ELMER BARTOLO                34’30”98
4th            2486 ROY LANSANG                 42’57”41
5th            2562 ARTHUR SAVERON                43’37”55
6th            2270 TENGGOY COLMENARES            44’10”13
7th            2497 LINNO CARLO GALINDO            46’13”70
8th             2593 VICTOR DE GRACIA                43’37”55
9th            2241 RAYMUNDO CERDAN            47’09”03
10th            2479 ARNOLD GO                    48’35”78

Surprise MEDALS for the 4th - 10th place available at Holiday Gym (Kapamilya Run Registration Booth). Please claim your medals (the kids will love them). Thanks!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2XU Calf Sleeves... My Tights Replacement

Are you a convert? Have you witnessed the difference of running with tights? Do you still have leg or knee pains during and after your runs?
Running Tights improve circulation to the muscles thus providing more energy for activity. It also helps maintain proper alignment and form during runs therefore reducing the risk for injury. In cold climates, it helps warm the exercising muscles. Some tights are also more specific in function. Recovery Tights help muscles recover after a hard run. Some enhance muscle power during races.

The problem with tights is that most men think its used only by women. Some are also embarrassed to wear them during runs because of the form or shape. To avoid feeling awkward during runs, some wear shorts on top of the tights.

I was recently asked by a runner/ friend on knee and calf pains. He would regularly have calf pains during or sometimes after runs. I advised him on proper running techniques and physical therapy. I also told him to use calf supports to promote better circulation and recovery.

During the Looney Tunes Run, I wore a 2XU calf support instead of my racing tights while I was pacing for a friend. I see many International triathletes wearing these supports during events and was curious to know how it feels. I also wanted to know if these supports can be used instead of my tights.
At first glance, these calf supports looked funny as they resemble knee high socks frequently used by high school girls. While I was waiting for the event to start, the supports kept my calves warm and ready for the run. These also gave me the same calf compression I feel when I wear my tights. Stirrups provided also ensure that the sleeves do not move during activity or running. I can also use these during cycling for my triathlon training. When used together with my 2XU Tri Top and Tri Shorts I look like a member of the X-Men. Cool. 

See you on the Road.



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