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See you in Ayala Center Cebu Tomorrow!!!

I was invited to talk tomorrow at the Ayala Center Cebu Indoor Activity Area at 4:30pm. My topic: "Starting a commitment to an Active Lifestyle".

See you!!! 

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Are you serious about LOSING Weight? This APP is for you.

My race plan this year is focused mainly on Olympic/ Standard distance triathlon races and one Ironman 70.3 race. I structured my training program to accomodate 1 major race every 2-3 months starting this February. Since shorter distance races are faster and use more anaerobic energy compared to longer distance races like the Ironman,  high intensity/ speed training is a priority. 

A regular "weight control" diet would complement a rigorous training program to achieve good results. I started my weight loss regimen with just restricting "unnecessary" calories from junk and processed foods.

I was shocked yesterday when a friend showed me his personal training app from his iPhone. I thought I was eating less than I used to but the app showed me I was consuming more than I should because of 1 specific part of my diet. Nuts! I can't stop eating peanuts. I have them in the car, at home and in the office. I had not realized that they are so calorie dense that I have been putting in more calories than burning them because of these nuts. Thank God for the MyFitnessPal app. I immediately downloaded the app and installed it on my iPad. It takes awhile to start using the program but once you've regularly logged your data it gets faster and easier. 

The app recorded training hours and provided calories burned per exercise. It can also record daily food intake with corresponding nutritional facts and your personal physical statistics. Its food and exercise database is enormous that it can even provide me with nutritional facts for my "HUMBA" or "Monggos". The best part about this program is that it is USER friendly. Sign-up for free and your good to go. Wow! An all-in-one FREE app that can truly help us in our training. 

If you have a Blackberry phone, iPhone or iPad, android or windows phone you can download the app for FREE (That's Right, FREE! And there is no PAID app so we all get the same app) at Try it! It can really help. Good Luck!

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Should I use an Aero Helmet?

Do you have more than 1 bike helmet? Are you one of those cycling enthusiasts with a helmet for each cycling discipline?

I have only 2 helmets. One for road cycling and the other for time trials or triathlons. When new to the sport of triathlon, it can be confusing as to whether to buy another Aero helmet or to just stick to your road helmet during races.

I have come across an article to shed some light into the issue.

Issues regarding use of AERO Helmets.
1. Aerodynamics. This translates to time saved during the cycling leg or time trial course. This depends on factors like shape of the helmet and position of the helmet tail on your middle back. Lesser space in between your middle back and the helmet tail will equate to better aerodynamics thus increasing your time savings. This is a rough estimate of time savings just by using an Aero Helmet.

a) Sprint distance: 15-30 seconds
b) Olympic distance: 30-60 seconds
c) Half-Ironman: 1.5-2.5 minutes
d) Ironman: 3-5 minutes

2. Heat. Aero helmets have lesser cooling vents to maximize aerodynamics. Unless you are racing in very hot environments for long hours, these will not affect your performance. As long as the body is kept ventilated during your ride, the restricted cooling of your head should not be an issue. If it is too uncomfortable, change to an aero helmet with cooling ports. 

2. Cost. Aero helmets tend to be more expensive than regular road helmets. If you are on a tight budget, stick with the road helmet for general use. 

Remember that using aero helmets can only be of benefit if used properly. Try not to look down or to your sides very often as this can cause you to lose aerodynamics very quickly. Find a head position with less helmet noise or turbulence to maximize aerodynamics. Try to tuck in your head (turtling) during the ride to maximize the aero position.  Imagine pushing your chin down towards your front hubs to tuck in your head. If your aero helmet has a long tail, try to feel the tail touch your middle back to minimize the space between the helmet tail and your middle back. 

Hope this helps. Good luck!



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