Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You 2010

"It's no use crying over spilled milk".  That's what my friend used to say when something wrong happens. I try my best to learn from my mistakes and move on. I have learned a lot from 2010. I am also grateful that I have achieved a lot.

Early 2010, I finished my specialty training in Internal Medicine at Cebu (Velez) General Hospital. Although I was not able to take my certifying oral exams this year, I will study hard for next year. I never do things without proper preparation. I never gamble. Never. 

During the last few weeks of my residency or specialty training, I was introduced into the world of triathlon by Noy Jopson. He convinced me that if I train hard enough, I can finish the Ironman 70.3 Philippines this year. And so I did. I started re-learning how to swim and bought a Tri-specific bike. I trained and started joining triathlon races and, surprisingly, made good time. Then started training with a team of executives whose one goal is "TO FINISH THE 2010 IRONMAN 70.3 PHILIPPINES". With Team Reborn, I conquered a dream.

Last 2010, I lost and gained. I lost weight but gained endurance. I lost my social life but gained a second family (Team Reborn). I gained a respectable blogsite. I gained sponsorships and endorsements. I gained a few medals from multi-sport races. I gained so many good friends from the Ungo Runners, Cebu Executive Runners Club, CVGH Runners, Sugbu-Tri, Physician Runners Club and Holiday Gym and Spa members. I lost so many but gained so much more. (During the Holidays, I lost my triathlon training program and re-gained my belly)

This 2011, I will do better. Better Doctor and Teacher. Better Athlete. Better Person. Balanced. 

See you on the Road. Or at the SRP Tunnel during the Cebu City Marathon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PACERS... Heroes of the 2011 CCM

In the world of running, pacers are heroes. They sacrifice their own PR to help others achieve theirs. This coming January 9, 2011, Heroes will emerge. They will wear official pacer singlets on race day. These runners deserve not only medals but our honor as well. Thank you Pacers!!! 

Get to know your pacers!!! And don't forget to TAPER. Recovery is part of training too.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Perfect Time for HEAT TRAINING

As the Cebu City Marathon draw near, runners prepare for every aspect of the race including mileage, tapering, clothing and nutrition. You had just completed your last LSD run for the January 9, 2011 race. On weekends, you wake up at 3:00 - 4:00 Am to start your long runs and finish after running 25-30 Km. It takes a regular runner with a speed of 6 minutes per kilometer about 4 hours 12 minutes to finish a 42Km race. If you run slower then you will finish after 5-6 hours. 

The CCM 2011 42Km will start at exactly 4:00 Am. A regular runner finishes at 8:00-10:00 Am. Have you tried running at 8:00 Am? Have you felt the stinging heat of the 9:00 Am sun? If not, then now is the perfect time to do your heat training. 

Heat training is a crucial and yet often neglected part of race preparation. Intense heat makes runners perspire more and lose greater amounts of body water. Electrolytes are also lost together with sweat. So during intense heat, our bodies lose more water, sodium and potassium. What is the outcome? BONK. BONK. BONK. (Bisaya: LASPAG, LASPAG, LASPAG)

To prevent bonking out due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, do heat training at least 2 weeks before the race. Try running until 9:00 - 10:00 Am to feel the heat. Once your body has adapted to the heat, it will try to conserve sodium without affecting potassium stores. So you lose lesser amounts of sodium compared to water and potassium. Heat train 1-2x a week while practicing your nutrition plan for race day.

Always keep in mind that in a long race like the marathon, every aspect of the race must be considered. Preparation is Key.

See you on the road and at the SRP Tunnel Water station on race day. Good Luck!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Belly

Merry Christmas everybody!!! Our (CERC) gift to you this season is the inclusion of the SRP Tunnel during the Cebu City Marathon. Aside from the road closure at 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM on race day, we finally made arrangements of using the SRP tunnel as part of the sights to see in Cebu.

Humba and Ice cream are my weakness. I have been eating a lot since last week and have gained weight. Less exercise with a bottomless pit of a stomach will definitely ruin a properly engineered training program. One of the biggest challenges of the CCM is to maintain race weight during the December days. Lucky for me, I can NOT run the CCM. Organizers and members of CERC have to take care of the water stations along the CCM route. While you busy yourself tapering and maintaining proper diet, I eat and rest. I will be assigned at the SRP Tunnel water station along with fellow Ungo Runner Dr. Alex Junia and Dr. Clifford Aranas. Please share with me you comments or suggestions on how to make MY ASSIGNED WATER STATION the most memorable. Email me at

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! And a Happy New Year!!! See you in 2 weeks!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

VIVO Barefoot Now OPEN in Ayala Center Cebu

(VIVO Barefoot Evo Running Shoes)
(VIVO Barefoot Neo Running Shoes)

Its not too late to buy a gift for your loved one. After a successful opening in Ayala Center Cebu, VIVO Barefoot and Terra Plana is proud to release its updated models. Aside from the famous Evo running Shoes, they have just released its new barefoot transition shoes, called NEO. If you are wondering how barefoot running feels and hesitant to buy the EVO then these are the perfect shoes for you. The Neo will introduce you to the benefits of barefoot running with less discomfort. If you are (still) not into running then try their barefoot slippers, Dopie. Guaranteed to turn heads, the Dopie is a one of a kind slipper. A perfect blend of colors with customizable straps make the Dopie a personal favorite.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Runners from Danao City are so lucky to have Mr. Oscar "Boying" Rodriguez. Despite no longer a part of the Danao City Sports Commission, he will organize the ONLY Fun run with FREE Registration. Continuing what his father started, the 32nd edition of the race will be held on Dec. 24, 2010 at Plaza Mano Amo, Danao City. The "Halad ni Mano Amo Run" will have 10K, 5K and 3K categories like any other fun run as well as "Best in Uniform" and "Biggest Delegation". Registration center is at Cebu City Sports Center and deadline will be on race day at the venue. Runners from Cebu City can take the Coaster Ride to Danao City on Race Day at 4:00AM.

Cebu City Marathon. Last day of registration is tomorrow, December 22, 2010. Final Race Route will be announced very soon. Watch out for it.
See you on the Road. (But Less likely coz I have been Cycling a lot recently)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Registration to one of the best marathons in the Philippines is almost over. Cebu Executive Runners Club (Organizers of the Cebu City Marathon) announced to extend the registration period for the 2011 CCM race to December 22, 2010. If you are still undecided, you have 2 more days to go. We (CERC) hope this new CCM 2011 Finisher's Medal will persuade to go to the Ayala Active Zone Registration Center or log-in at to register.

If you are a Cebuano and are not running the CCM 2011, Please help us make the marathon more special to others by participating in the events. On race day, please watch and cheer for runners along the race route. Inspire, motivate and help runners achieve their goals. Thank you very much. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Early Christmas Gift from SugbuTri

All Cebuano Triathletes are SugbuTri athletes. We met and enjoyed the Christmas spirit last December 5, 2010. We ate, laughed and shared each others experiences for the past year. That night I realized that parlor games are more fun to play when with athletes. Despite a year of races we joined and the healthy competition we practice, Cebuano triathletes still gave it their best during the parlor games. (Pictures to follow)

During that night, SugbuTri also awarded a few individuals. Shocked and surprised, I was one of them. Awards like these make us strive better and work or train harder for next year. Thanks SugbuTri.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congratulations TEAM REBORN


Tenggoy Colmenares
Tyrone Tan
for finishing the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship

Lorhiz Echavez
 for winning 1st Place 10K Female Open at the Dr.Jacinto Velez,Sr. Memorial Fun Run

Raymund Reel Bontol
for winning 2nd Place 5K Medical Category at the CHH Halad sa Pasko Fun Run

Monday, December 6, 2010

Free your FEET and your MIND will follow

My barefoot experience started when I got a call from ASAP Headwoman, Perl Jacalan, that VIVO Barefoot wanted to give away trial shoes for runners in Cebu. I smiled as I confessed to Perl that I have already been running barefoot for the past few weeks to improve my form and to get rid of an annoying hip discomfort I had since the MILO Cebu Eliminations. I became an attraction at the gym as I walked towards the treadmill or indoor track with my usual gym shoes then removed them as I started running. I ran with my bare feet for 15 minutes then slowly increased to 20 then 30 minutes. It felt great running like a kid again.

After I got my VIVO Barefoot EVO running shoes from Karen and Harley of Terra Plana Philippines I was excited. Finally, I can run barefoot on the streets not having to fear glass or rock hurting my feet. I was so excited that I decided to run 10K during the ECO-Dash Fun Run using my EVO. I planned for a slow and receptive run but the shoes felt so good that I increased pace to finish at sub-60 minutes. As expected, I felt some soreness in my calves while running because the shoes force me to land on my forefoot and as lightly as possible. I was no longer hammering my foot to the ground with every footstrike to gain speed. Despite having been trained in Midfoot or forefoot running, Barefoot running is a totally new experience.
(My First EVO Run during the ECO-Dash Fun Run)
I am now a witness of how running barefoot helps all the runners improve their form and avoid injuries. Running with your bare feet strengthens the leg and foot muscles that are neglected when running with cushioned shoes. Expect to get calf or foot muscle soreness after your first few runs with barefoot shoes as these are signs that they are now stimulated and needs to gain more strength. The soreness should not be confused with bony pain that one feels on the knees or the ankles when running with barefoot shoes and landing with a heelstrike. Never heelstrike on barefoot shoes. If you are, then start slow and learn to correct your form. Land lightly on your forefoot with slightly flexed knees, feel the ground and never overstride. Barefoot running is about high cadence and landing forefoot. Run as quietly as you can. 

After a 10K Long run and a few more 30 minute runs in the gym, I wore my EVO running shoes during the MO Plus 16K run and followed a Sub-1:45 pace. Again, I started slow and climbed to JY Square with a little calf discomfort. My pace slowly increased until I was about a kilometer away from the finish line 15 minutes ahead of target pace. As expected, my calf muscles were sore the day after. I used my compression calf sleeves and let my calf recover. Every time I feel muscle soreness from running, I cross-train. Swim! Bike!

The transition to barefoot running is a slow process. More so if you have been running with cushioned shoes for months or years. Your foot and legs seem stiff during your runs and your muscles sore after. That's a good sign!!! It means barefoot running is doing what its suppose to be doing while you run. It strengthens your leg and foot muscles, it causes you to be more aware of the terrain and it corrects your form. I was lucky to have ran with Michael Sandler during his brief stay in Cebu and was given a few running tips. Michael and wife Jessica, authors of bestseller book Barefoot Running, were invited by VIVO Barefoot to enlighten Filipinos on the benefits of Barefoot running. They share their passion for barefoot running in their website
(Post-Run talk with Michael Sandler during the ASEAN Heart Fun Run) 
 (VIVO Barefoot sponsored TEAM REBORN)
On the 2nd week of December, Cebu will launch its first Barefoot store in Ayala Center Cebu. VIVO Barefoot by Terra Plana Philippines will soon cater to the barefoot needs of all Cebuanos. See you There!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

TEAM REBORN joins Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship

Tenggoy Colmenares
Tyrone Tan 

December 5, 2010
Phuket, Thailand

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Michael Sandler, founder, is coming to Cebu to teach us barefoot running basics. VIVO Barefoot sponsored the event in connection with its store opening in Ayala Center Cebu this coming December. It will be held in Ayala Center Cebu on December 2, 2010 with a scheduled book signing a day before the clinic. If you want to try barefoot? This is for you.

 (With members of the press)
(With sponsored team, REBORN)
(My EVO. Better looking. Kevlar Soles. Environmentally Friendly)

GOOD NEWS!!! Cebu Marathon is now accepting registrations thru its website at HURRY!!! Register now!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cebu Running Clinics

Cebuano Runners are blessed. Organizers and concerned citizens are willing to help educate runners on the proper form and training program to avoid running injuries and/ or lessen running accidents.

As part of the Cebu Marathon preparation, the Cebu Executive Runners Club asked Ultramarathoner and FrontRunner Magazine editor-in-chief Jonel Mendoza to enlighten us on how to prepare for a marathon.

Vivo Barefoot and Terra Plana store in Ayala Center Cebu will also hold a BAREFOOT Running clinic this coming December. Barefoot runner Michael Sandler will share to Cebuanos his personal experiences and advantages on running barefoot. After his talk, participants will be asked to run barefoot with him at the Ayala mall grounds. Are you ready to go NATURAL? Go BAREFOOT!!! I WILL!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heart Rate Training

Running nowadays has evolved from one of the cheapest sport to an expensive one. Technology has changed the way people run. Advanced features not only come from shoes but from apparel and other gear as well. 

Many prefer to run with computers. Wrist top computer brands like Suunto, Polar, Garmin and Timex provide runners data during the run. Some have footpods to measure distance, speed or cadence. Many utilize GPS technology to provide distance, speed and geographical location data. All computers have Heart rate monitors. Used to determinine our heart rate during specific levels of activity, the heart rate monitor is one of several measures to determine overall fitness.

Do you know how to use your Heart rate monitor (HRM)?

HRM training uses training zones to determine your level of exertion during an activity. Zone 1 and 2 are used for cardio, aerobic or weight loss program. Zone 3 and 4 are used during an anaerobic program while Zone 5 is used when sprinting or all-out effort.

Before using your heart rate monitor, first determine your Resting Heart rate (RHR), Maximum Heart rate (MHR) and your training zones.

1.   MHR is determined by subtracting your current age with 220. (220 - Age)
2.   RHR is determined by taking your heart rate after waking up in the morning before doing any activity for 3 consecutive days. The average of the 3 results is your RHR.
3.   Training Zones are determined by the following:

Zone 1: [(MHR-RHR) x (60-70%)] + RHR
Zone 2: [(MHR-RHR) x (71-75%)] + RHR
Zone 3: [(MHR-RHR) x (76-80%)] + RHR
Zone 4: [(MHR-RHR) x (81-90%)] + RHR
Zone 5: [(MHR-RHR) x (91-100%)] + RHR

Reel Runner
RHR: 43 bpm
MHR: 189 bpm
Zone 1: 131 – 145 bpm
Zone 2: 146 – 153 bpm
Zone 3: 154 – 160 bpm
Zone 4: 161 – 174 bpm
Zone 5: 175 – 189 bpm

When do I use my Heart Rate Monitor?

Although they are not 100% reliable, HRM should be used during training and may be used during a race. Factors like stress, dehydration, lack of sleep and caffeine intake can cause subtle changes to your heart rate and training zones. It is best to combine HRM training with a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) or Borg Scale to improve reliabilty. These two combined can determine an athletes’ capabilities and limits during training and in a race.

RPE Scale

0 – Complete Rest
1 – Very Weak
2 – Weak
3 – Moderate
4 – Somewhat Strong
5 – Strong
6 –
7 – Very Strong
8 –
9 – Extremely Strong
10 – Exhaustion

Am I ready to use my heart rate monitor and follow my training zones?

Training for a race means following a specific and individual program. Running a full or half marathon, finishing an Ironman or Xterra race and competing in a cycling race needs patience, determination and persistence. Without a program, your training could lead to overtraining or, worse, injuries. A training program would consist of easy days, interval or tempo or hard days and time trials. Your training zones will tell you how much effort to exert during any of these days. Easy days means training at Zone 1 or 2 for an hour or more while Intervals or tempo training will be in the Zone 3 or 4 range. Sprints or “All out” efforts are usually in Zone 5 with durations of only a few seconds to a minute or two. During a 42K or 21K race, your HRM zones will help you follow a negative split strategy by running the first half at Zone 2 and completing the 2nd half with bouts of Zone 3 or 4 effort. Incorporating HRM readings to your training will help you follow your program and get to the finish line stronger and faster.

See you on the road.

Monday, November 1, 2010

PACERS needed!!!

"The 2011 Cebu Marathon will be bigger and better" as promised by Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) President Jessie Taborada and the rest of its members. We will be giving away better souvenir shirts to the first 4,500 registrants. We will try our best to include the SRP tunnel in the route. We will provide all runners with a timing chip. And, as requested, we will provide 42K Pace Group Leaders.
Pace Group Leaders or better known as Pacers are runners who run at a specific pace to finish at a pre-determined time. They run at a constant pace or will follow a negative split. They wear markers or balloons to let runners know that they are pacers. The target finish time will also be visible on the balloon. They are usually in pairs so that if one pacer is unable to comply with the target time then the other pacer will take over. Some pace groups will also have Sweepers. These people motivate or push runners who are lagging behind the pace group. 
The next Cebu Marathon needs pace group leaders. Members of Team Reborn, which are the pacers for Cebu City races, are not yet ready to run the full marathon. Although the team has been trained very well by Coach Noy and Lorhiz, its members are not eligible to pace. Members of the team who had finished a full marathon are also members or CERC. Annie, Jane, Nica, Andrew and me will be in charge of assigned water stations during the race. 

Cebu Marathon organizers will be giving incentives to runners who are willing to lead pace groups. For a runner to be eligible, he or she must have ran the full marathon at least twice and finished with a time better than the chosen Pace Group target time. The eligible runner must be present during the Carbo-Loading party for proper introduction to all participants. They must be willing to run with balloons tied to their running gear and MUST wear the Cebu Marathon Singlet. The pacer will have free 42K registration and is guaranteed of a souvenir shirt (If already registered, organizers will refund your registration fee). Pacers will still receive a race bib, timing chip and singlet. The pacers can avail of the New Balance shoes' discount and will receive a Free Carbo-Loading Party pass. The pacer will still receive the Finisher's Medal after completing the race.

Being a Pace Group Leader isn't easy. Pacers must motivate, push or (when needed) drag the lagging runner in the pace group. Pacers are also good entertainers and maintain a lively pace group. These runners sacrifice their next PR to help others get theirs. Pacers are Runners with a Heart. 

Interested eligible runners may contact me for other details and verification. Please email me at Thank you!!! 

Published November 4, 2010 at SunStar Newspaper.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Excitement begins

The 2011 Cebu Marathon was just formally announced. January 9, 2011 is the date. Runners from all over the Philippines will flock the Cebu streets to witness the beauty of Cebu and our much awaited marathon. 
The 2010 Cebu City Marathon summoned almost 4,900 runners in the best race the Philippines has to offer. Given perfect reviews by celebrity runners Jaymie Pizarro (The Bullrunner), Jinoe Gavan (, Jovie Narcise  (Bald Runner) and Haide Acuna (The Marathonfoodie) the Cebu City marathon was a big success. The secret to its achievement is simple. The Cebu City Marathon is a race for runners organized and supervised by runners. Members of the Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) manned every water station from KM 0 until the last turning point. Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and other executives (all marathoners) made sure the race exceeded every runners expectations. 
 “This year will be bigger and better” promised Jesse Taborada the president of CERC since its early years. 

Souvenir Shirts. New Balance Shirts are given away to the first 4,500 registrants of the Cebu Marathon. As of October 28, 2010, a total of more than 2,790 runners have already registered thus leaving only 1,710 shirts up or grabs. New Balance will also offer a special 20% discount to all registrants wanting to buy new shoes in selected stores by presenting their Cebu marathon claim stub. 
Registration. Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot and other related shops will accept registration in selected key cities around the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Davao). The official website of the Cebu Marathon will be live soon and will accept online registration.

Out of town guests. Selected Hotels all over the metro and in Mactan will be offering special rates to participants. Since the marathon will launch the start of the Sinulog week, guests can stay longer and witness the sinulog festivities. 
Pacers. Yes. We will have pacers next year. We will have runners leading a group to finish at a predetermined time. Popularized here in Cebu by TEAM REBORN, pace group leaders will finish at sub-5:00, sub-5:30 and if possible sub-4:45. Recruitment is underway for these noble runners willing to extend their help to the less experienced.

Timing Chip. The next Cebu Marathon will have timing chips for all race distances. Yes, ALL. Runners in the 5K, 21K and 42K will all receive timing chips and will have their finish times recorded. 
 (From the Net) 
Route and the SRP tunnel. Negotiations are underway which will include the SRP tunnel in the route. It will pose as a challenge to runners as the route is almost a kilometer long and will be a different running environment. The route will still include the South Road Properties (SRP) coastal road and some parts of Cebu City. Starting venue will still be at IT Park. Organizers hope that all cebuanos support the event and help cheer runners during the race. We encourage everybody to participate during race day and wake up early. Like the Sinulog festival, spectators can hang around along the race route and greet all runners with an authentic Sinulog welcome. 
Medals. Like this year's race, the Finishers medal will still be given only to the 42K finishers. Sorry. The design? Wait and see. 
The next Cebu Marathon will also have running clinics scheduled this November and December to help participants prepare for the race. The Marathon Expo will be held on January 5-7, 2011 in Ayala Active Zone where all the race packets will be distributed. A carbo-loading party will be held on January 7, 2011 and will be free for the first 300 registrants. Restaurants in Ayala Center Cebu will be serving pasta at the venue at a reasonable price.

“All systems are go” said Meyrick Jacalan for the next Cebu Marathon. Runners have less than 11 weeks to prepare for the big race.

See you on the Road.



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