Monday, November 1, 2010

PACERS needed!!!

"The 2011 Cebu Marathon will be bigger and better" as promised by Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) President Jessie Taborada and the rest of its members. We will be giving away better souvenir shirts to the first 4,500 registrants. We will try our best to include the SRP tunnel in the route. We will provide all runners with a timing chip. And, as requested, we will provide 42K Pace Group Leaders.
Pace Group Leaders or better known as Pacers are runners who run at a specific pace to finish at a pre-determined time. They run at a constant pace or will follow a negative split. They wear markers or balloons to let runners know that they are pacers. The target finish time will also be visible on the balloon. They are usually in pairs so that if one pacer is unable to comply with the target time then the other pacer will take over. Some pace groups will also have Sweepers. These people motivate or push runners who are lagging behind the pace group. 
The next Cebu Marathon needs pace group leaders. Members of Team Reborn, which are the pacers for Cebu City races, are not yet ready to run the full marathon. Although the team has been trained very well by Coach Noy and Lorhiz, its members are not eligible to pace. Members of the team who had finished a full marathon are also members or CERC. Annie, Jane, Nica, Andrew and me will be in charge of assigned water stations during the race. 

Cebu Marathon organizers will be giving incentives to runners who are willing to lead pace groups. For a runner to be eligible, he or she must have ran the full marathon at least twice and finished with a time better than the chosen Pace Group target time. The eligible runner must be present during the Carbo-Loading party for proper introduction to all participants. They must be willing to run with balloons tied to their running gear and MUST wear the Cebu Marathon Singlet. The pacer will have free 42K registration and is guaranteed of a souvenir shirt (If already registered, organizers will refund your registration fee). Pacers will still receive a race bib, timing chip and singlet. The pacers can avail of the New Balance shoes' discount and will receive a Free Carbo-Loading Party pass. The pacer will still receive the Finisher's Medal after completing the race.

Being a Pace Group Leader isn't easy. Pacers must motivate, push or (when needed) drag the lagging runner in the pace group. Pacers are also good entertainers and maintain a lively pace group. These runners sacrifice their next PR to help others get theirs. Pacers are Runners with a Heart. 

Interested eligible runners may contact me for other details and verification. Please email me at Thank you!!! 

Published November 4, 2010 at SunStar Newspaper.


  1. I want to be a PACER!!!

    Can I sign up! I have been a pacer for the Dream Marathon and I am a certified ultramarathoner, having done three ultras this year -- the BDM102k, the TNF100 and P2P70k event! My usual time for a 42k marathon is 5 hours. I am willing to pace for the 5 hours group. Please let me know if this is possible and what details you need.

    Blas Ople Tiangco a.k.a Titanium Runner
    0926-6139564, 0922-8190777
    32 years old on race day

  2. Hi. Are there going to be pacers for the 21k?


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