Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2XU Calf Sleeves... My Tights Replacement

Are you a convert? Have you witnessed the difference of running with tights? Do you still have leg or knee pains during and after your runs?
Running Tights improve circulation to the muscles thus providing more energy for activity. It also helps maintain proper alignment and form during runs therefore reducing the risk for injury. In cold climates, it helps warm the exercising muscles. Some tights are also more specific in function. Recovery Tights help muscles recover after a hard run. Some enhance muscle power during races.

The problem with tights is that most men think its used only by women. Some are also embarrassed to wear them during runs because of the form or shape. To avoid feeling awkward during runs, some wear shorts on top of the tights.

I was recently asked by a runner/ friend on knee and calf pains. He would regularly have calf pains during or sometimes after runs. I advised him on proper running techniques and physical therapy. I also told him to use calf supports to promote better circulation and recovery.

During the Looney Tunes Run, I wore a 2XU calf support instead of my racing tights while I was pacing for a friend. I see many International triathletes wearing these supports during events and was curious to know how it feels. I also wanted to know if these supports can be used instead of my tights.
At first glance, these calf supports looked funny as they resemble knee high socks frequently used by high school girls. While I was waiting for the event to start, the supports kept my calves warm and ready for the run. These also gave me the same calf compression I feel when I wear my tights. Stirrups provided also ensure that the sleeves do not move during activity or running. I can also use these during cycling for my triathlon training. When used together with my 2XU Tri Top and Tri Shorts I look like a member of the X-Men. Cool. 

See you on the Road.


  1. re: "At first glance, these calf supports looked funny"

    no they don't look funny at all. great decision in switching to those knee highs. appearance wise, the calf supports look appealing compared to the tights. aw maybe i'm just biased because i always think guys look a lil bit ridiculous on tights. especially in this warm climate. hehe.

    i saw someone in knee highs before, but twas a pair of socks... compression socks i think. it looked great, too.

  2. doc. i saw u btaw using these sa looney. tagpila ni?

  3. Thanks.

    The Calf Sleeves are P2,600 at RUNNR Cebu.

  4. It is nice that some people are very curious about their dressing comfort and style. According to me we should use to wear running tights for running and jogging so that we can run comfortably as they are specially made for it.
    running tights

  5. which is more useful, calf compressions or the shorts? Planning on getting either one coz the pants compression is not an option right now though =)

  6. Thanks.

    Actually both is important. The Shorts help support your hip and thigh while the calf sleeves helps the calf and lower leg. Good Luck!

  7. this calf sleeves can prevent leg cramps during the race?

  8. I find the calf cover really helpful because my legs used to stick to my leather seats in my smart car

  9. i didnt see Haile wearing one...

  10. hmmm... i think im gonna purchase one... but is there any cheaper. 2600PHP seems kinda "too much"... im like a low budget runner. :))

  11. I now used Nike Pro Compression Tights&it really feels great&comfortable unlike using shorts!I also improve my running time my 15K running time before was 2:05.30 but the last Fun Run I entered last Sun Pogs Run@Ayala my time was 1:44.30 a big difference...........

  12. Hi sir, where can I buy 2XU calf compressions with stirrups? thanks

  13. hi there ,

    where can you get the 2xu pants in the phillipines ? do you have any idea ?




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