Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Organizing a Fun Run

Post-Race reviews are a common subject among bloggers. We evaluate and criticize races we've participated and provide recommendations. We start our assessment from the registration period until race day and end with post-run suggestions. We often criticize races as to the convenience of registration, route planned, adequacy of water and food/ snacks and post-race awarding ceremony. The weather and other non-"HUMAN" factors are sometimes included. These are proven helpful to improve the quality of local races and to invite more sedentary people to take up running as a sport or hobby.
(In Photo: Dr. Entera, Race Director, happy with the turnout of Runners) 

Is it really that easy to organize a race? DEFINITELY NOT! I was humbled when I had to help organize a fun run for our medical school sponsored by its alumna. We did not have that much time and had to organize the race in 3 weeks. Yes! 3 weeks. It starts with choosing a race director and a run club which can help facilitate the race. We chose Sugbu Road Runners Club (SRRC) as our advisor. The following checklist was used to facilitate the Race.
(In Picture: CIM Students and graduates register for the Fun run)

1. Permits (Cebu City Hall, Barangay, Cebu Sports Commission, etc.)
2. Funds (for Singlets, Registration Forms, Signage and advertisement, Adviser Fee, Meetings and other miscellaneous expenses)
3. Singlet Design and Cost
4. Tarpaulin Design and cost
5. Registration centers
6. Registration Forms
8. Awards (Certificate of Finish, Certificate of Winners, Cash Prize, Raffle Prizes)
9. Route (3K, 5K, 10K)
10. Venue
11. Category - Distance, Open/Executive (3K , 5K, 10K, male/ female, etc.) 
12. Emergency and First Aid Personnel

1. Water Supply and glasses 
2. Signs and Race marshals
3. Adequate number of Checkers
4. Food or Snacks for runners
5. Pre-Run warm-up
6. Starting Gun
7. Timer
8. Race Program and participants
9. Turn point ribbons or markers
10. Water Stations (tables)

1. Awards (cash/ certificate) and Medals
2. Post-race Meeting

It is NOT easy organizing a race. As what was mentioned, post-race reviews are of benefit to improve the quality of fun runs we have in our locality. However, we must also consider the difficulty in organizing a race and sometimes need a little bit more understanding on our part. I have joined almost 40 races since I started running and most of them were pleasant. Unless the need arises, I will not publish comments on races I have joined to give credit to the organizers. I just hope they stop organizing 2 or more races every weekend. One big Sunday race is what Cebuano Runners need.


  1. more half marathon to come for cebu runners, as we observed, daghan nanga buang na sa running.(apil nako dha) but please..... stop organizing two running event during sunday....

  2. Yes... I do hope next year will be better... Thanks for all your comments

  3. Hi Reel Runner! I'm planning to organize a run this coming March, who can I ask to be a consultant or an adviser for the run? and how much would it probably cost? and lastly, where can I reserve for a possible date for the run?

    By the way, congratulations on the superb organizing of the successful cebu city marathon!!!

  4. HI... Thanks for the comment.

    I also helped organize a fun Run last November and we asked SRRC to help facilitate the run. They did all the paperwork and details. All we did was get sponsors... If you want, maybe you can ask them to organize yours... Text me for other details.. thanks

  5. Thanks for the help. How can I contact you for the details?

  6. Just email me sir if you need help.... reelraymund@gmail.com...thanks

  7. Sir Raymund,

    Sir this is Randy Abasolo of La Union. Sir i need an assistance from people like you who knows a lot about organizing a running event. Sir, this coming March i hope to organize the first ever National running event here in La Union to help my province promote its tourism sector. My problem sir is i dont know who to approach to hire a timing system that is quite sophisticated but is affordable since this running event is cause-oriented and self-sustaining. Sir, i am an ordinary casual clerk who want to do something worthwhile for my people and i hope you can help me find what or who i should be looking for. It will be a biggest contribution and help you can give to me and to the people of la union if you can help me Sir. My e-mail add is: randyabasolo@yahoo.com or my cel no.:09491913155 in case you know someone who can help me with this concern of mine.
    Thank you and God bless.

  8. hello mr. raymund! :)

    i am angelique santos from tondo, manila, an aspiring doctor. i amn sending this email to seek for your help. we need an assistance from a people like you who knows a lot about organizing a running event. Mr. Raymond, this coming november, me and the brotherhood of medical scholars of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila - College of Medicine will organize a fun run, and proceeds will be for the benefit of Ospital ng Maynila. This is the first time that we will organize such event, and as a newbie, we really need an assistance from a pro like you. Hope you can help me. I really don't know where to start sir. :)

    Your help will be much appreciated, not just by our organization, but also ofcourse by the patients of Ospital ng maynila. Thanks in advance sir! :)

    email: blue_angel_2731@yahoo.com




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