Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TMTS Syndrome

Just got into running? 
What is your weekly mileage?
Do you have:
1. Foot / Ankle pain?
2. Knee Pain?
3. Hip pain?
4. Side Stitches?
You could be suffering from TMTS Syndrome (TOO MUCH TOO SOON Syndrome). This is a funny term I often hear from friends who are asked by new runners when they feel pain during or after a run.  It may seem benign but it is not. I have heard it many times and the worst case I know of is hip fracture after running 21K after 3 months of running. The early 30's runner underwent hip surgery and had to stop running. Started running 5K then 10K in a month then trained and ran two 21K races after 2 months training.  The newbie runner experienced hip pain after the run and later diagnosed to have hip fracture.
If you want to maintain a healthy, pain-free and injury-free active lifestlye just follow the simple "10 Percent Rule". Increase Mileage or Intensity of your runs by 10% every week. No shortcuts. Slowly increase mileage and intensity of runs to give ample time for your muscles, joints and ligaments to adapt to the stresses running poses to the body. 
(Photo by Yon Layosa)
Easy Right? See you on the Road!!!


  1. how will i know if i have a hip fracture? coz i have this snapping sound on my left hip when i try to do side leg raise

  2. dats probably the best thing a newbie runner can do.. My wife is easing into it, i am telling her not rush it, otherwise, she might suffer the same mistake i made back then...now i run totally pain free....

  3. hi doc!

    this is a good to know...thanks a million! very helpful for the newbies...is there somebody whom you can refer to for a training...not really that serious but you know just to be on the right track and making sure that i am doing it the right way...thanks!





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